Question of the day: how big a price will we pay if we bomb Iran?

According to the Sunday Times of London, the Pentagon has drawn up plans “for massive airstrikes against 1,200 targets in Iran, designed to annihilate the Iranians’ military capability in three days.”  Well now, isn’t that special.

There’s still part of me that finds it hard to believe Bush will actually pull the trigger. With our military already badly overextended, to gratuitously start yet another war against a dangerous foe would be nothing short of insane.  It’s certainly possible Bush is just bluffing.  But then, this is Bush we’re talking about.

So how big a disaster would such an attack turn out to be for this country?  My guess, based on reading what a variety of experts have to say, is that the initial attack would likely be very successful, devastating Iran’s military assets.  Our pilots would probably very quickly gain complete air dominance, free to bomb at will and greatly restricting Iran’s ability to strike back directly.

Who knows?  Maybe we’d be honored with another “Mission Accomplished” moment (perhaps Bush could parachute in this time). 

But soon enough, just like in Iraq — only worse — everything would go to hell.  Contrary to the neoconservative’s dreams, the Islamic extremists in charge wouldn’t be overthrown — they’d be strengthened due to outrage against the United States.  Attacks would increase against our troops in Iraq; Afghanistan would likely fall into complete anarchy.  Terrorist attacks against US interests would increase across the globe.  Meanwhile, oil prices would go through the ceiling, with the global economy taking a nosedive.

And George W. Bush and the neocons, having never imagined that things might not work out perfectly, wouldn’t have a clue what to do about it.

That’s my take, anyway.  What do you think?

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  1. Again Says:

    Second British general attacks US Iraqi plans

    “General Cross’s comments emerged after the former head of the Army, General Sir Mike Jackson, branded the American approach “intellectually bankrupt”.”

    wonderful wording, huh? Oh, those Brits!

    “intellectually bankrupt”

  2. WhatdoIknow Says:

    I can’t wait to experience long lines at the gas pump again. Just imagine waiting three hours in line to buy $15/gal. gas and you are limited to buying only two gallons at a time. I can’t wait.

  3. bobregl Says:

    Bombing Iran will be a success for the Bush/Cheney crime syndicate. The inevitable resulting chaos will provide them with the leverage to implement martial law enforced by their private storm troopers (Blackwater, et. al.), set aside any pretense of constitutional government and declare themselves to be the sole governing authority for the duration of the emergency, which of course like the Iraq occupation, will never end.
    Tyrants can always contrive a justification for screwing the powerless.
    Robert R. Regl

  4. ducque Says:

    All hell would break loose. However, in conversation with my son, who works in Homeland Security and has access to a lot of info he can’t directly share with me (of course), it seems that Bush’s hands may well be tied here because of the number of Hizbullah “sleeper” cells already in the US. If he attacks Iran, he doesn’t only get a Middle East problem — he gets a serious domestic US problem.

  5. dolphinsoul Says:

    Your description is part of what would happen. Some more of it is Syria and other Arab countries turning against us, whatever small shreds of respect and credibility the USA still has in the world evaporating, millions of people from around the world considering America as more of a terrorist dictatorship than a constitutional democracy and OPEC potentially refusing to sell oil to the USA.

  6. Conniepae Says:

    The number of bombs planned for Iran is 1200. If only one Irannian is killed from every bomb, we are going to kill 1200 people just for starters. How many people think only one person will die per bomb? What have the people in Iran done to America? Are they guilty by association? Are we guilty by association? Does anyone want to be killed for the wrong doings of this adminsitration? Things done in Iraq in our name (American) have not even been disclosed to average Americans. Mainstream media have been cheerleaders for the war, not voices for America. I think mainstream media should be reporting news, not filtering facts, enabling spinners to spin. I think if we allow this administration to preemptively start another war with a country, we should not be able to keep watching American Idol and runaway brides. When will enough be enough. No accountability anywhere? We need to address the issues of war honestly with facts, not spin. We should be ashamed for what has been done in our name, not protected from it. We should know the facts about Iraq, we should see the children that have been hurt by what we have already done, before we approve more casualties in our name. Nuclear plans should be stated out loud. People should know they plan to use tactical nukes, people should know what may happen when we do. No one knows for sure, it hasn’t been done in the past, but we should hear from experts, not war mongers (spinners) before it happens.

  7. muddmike Says:

    The end result will be the destruction of our economy by high oil prices and the fact that the foreigners who are now lending the US money to do war will stop. The dollar will plummet.

    Also, countries such as Venezuela will stop selling us oil.

    Bombing Iran also might start a much larger war.

    The fact that Iran now will believe that a widespread attack is imminent will put them on a hair trigger status. If they think an attack is happening they will launch all of their missiles, since if they wait they will lose them. This will make an accidental war more likely. If they launch all of their antiship cruise missiles, they will overwhelm the defenses of our navy ships and they will sink many.

    They have the capability of destroying all of the Gulf oil facilities so that it will be years before they are rebuilt. This will piss of most of the world and they will make us pay economically.

    Not enough time and space to detail all of the bad things that will happen if we bomb Iran.

  8. wangmo Says:

    What I find utterly astonishing is that everyone continues to lay down for these sociopaths who have taken over the American government. Have we been lobotomized by psych-med laced foods or something? I feel like we’re semi-comatose, unable to act, in shock, awed by the horror that is CheneyCo. Somehow, inspite of being stoned on shock/apathy, we have to pull our jaws up off the floor and take America back from the Neocon/Talibangelical beasties, then STAND AS A NATION FOR A SATELLITE BROADCAST APOLOGIZE TO THE WORLD that we couldn’t catch the fraudulent elections in time, and we’ll make it up as best we can for the unforgiveable crimes of murdering a million innocent Iraqis so our Oil Barons could exercise their sexual perversion compensation for small genitals. Somehow we must stop this madness done in our name NOW.

  9. chichigato Says:

    Very simply the end of good democracy and the onset of bad democracy. The fiscal bankruptcy and Orwelliam wars such action willo initiate will bring on either an authoritarian tendency (strong leader to rectify the problems) or chaos followed by regional separations in the USA (which will no longer be the United States). The ensuing bankruptcy and world-wide fiscal crisis will bring on a repetition of the 1930’s trend toward dictatorships.

  10. Ritzschke Says:

    Before Bush, et-al, Iranians in general looked favorably on the U.S. and they were in the process of slowly changing from religious extremism to secularism. However, since the Bushes have been goading them ever since they took power they voted for more radical representatives.

    If we kill as many Iranians as this proposed assault will kill they will most certainly rise up in all Muslim countries to attack us. Wouldn’t we, if attacked?

    Where is it written that only ‘certain’ countries can have the bomb? Yeah - it’d be much better if no one did, but we can’t undo what’s already here. And saying that Iran with the bomb is letting a mad man have it…. Um mm guess who also has the most nukes in the world and is run by a mad man and his cronies?

  11. Elce Says:

    The bombing of Iran will be seen by the billion or so Muslims as an attack on
    Islam. We could be seeing a war of epic porportion happening in the next year. It’s all insane!!

  12. VettaKing Says:

    I think many people are missing a major factor in all of this, and that is the actions of the Christian and Jewish extremists. The rapturists want to bring about the end times by restoring the mythical “kingdom of Israel” allowing Jesus to return and bring about the apocalypse. The Zionists in Israel and the U.S. want to fufill their genocidal proohecy of Jewish empire. Both the Rapturists and Zionosts are using each other to further their goals with a wink in a nod to what it would mean for each other(the destruction of the Jews by Jesus for the rapturists and on the other side the total chaos that a middle eastern Arab vs. Jew world war). Unfortunately all of us living in the real world are being held captive by these dangerous extremists and will suffer the consequences of their madness. It is time to sit the Judeo Christians and the Zionists at their rightful place at the kiddie table and let the adults make the decisions.

  13. greycat Says:

    If the Current Occupant thinks he can increase his power and popularity with a splendid little war he needs to attack a more managable sized country. Aren’t there terrorists in Aruba? Mabe Grenada needs invading again.
    On a more serious note, we have the opportunity to make a choice between Democracy and Empire. Long ago the British chose Democracy and gave up their empire. We appear to have chosen Empire over Democracy. Perhaps it’s not to late to change our minds.

  14. popastopa Says:

    If we attack Iran it will be strictly for Israel. The vast Israeli lobby that rules our government is pushing to have Iran destroyed. Only then will Israel breath a sigh of relief. You see, Iran is a threat to Israel because it supports the Palestinians and their quest to recover the West Bank. Thousands will die, possibly millions, just for the sake of letting some Israelies keep their “settlements”

  15. muddmike Says:

    Israel thinks that bombing Iran will make them safer! Boy, are they wrong!

    First, the attack will make the Muslim hate of Israel even worse than it is now!

    Second, Iran has ballistic missiles that can hit Israel, and they will probably use them.

    Third, the destruction of the US economy will not help Israel, since the US is their main supporter.

    If they start bombing Iran, then the only option to protect Israel will be to use their nukes to wipe out every Arab country in the Middle East! Not a very good option.

  16. Thimsen927 Says:

    First, people in our country MUST realize that the purpose of war, it is and always has been, and always will be MONEY, or its equivalent, in value, to Investors and politicians. The formula is simple, The Investors prevail upon the Politicians by providing the funding for their Elections and there are other gratuities, like Golf games in Scotland, with all expenses paid Etcetera, Etcetera. These are the functions of the Lobbyist who provide a screen for the investors and the Politicians who will profit most from the inflated prices for the people, and Equipment to declare the War. This unholy alliance will also begin to develop the lies and propaganda to arouse the people to sanction the war These Investors, Lobbyist and Politicians, each acting, in their own interests, could care less about the Death and severe injures to our children, War is, as they say HELL, but only for the middle class and the indigent, think about this, and rid ourselves of these Parasites. ( Editor I am in my 80s and my spelling Etc. is not what it use to be.  Please check my comments.  Thank you so much) an Old WW2 vet.

    From Steve: Being spelling impaired myself, I did the best I could (a WW2 vet deserves no less).

  17. ty_meissner Says:

    How soon will the bombing of Iran commence ? Has anyone heard a definite date, or do I have to slueth through the Iranian/Russian/Pakistani/Lebanese/Israeli/UK press on my own to find out?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it started sometime between the 7th and the 23rd of this month. How much would I be ready to pay for a gallon of gas? Since I drive very little, I would be minimally impacted if it went up to between $ 8.00 and $ 10.00 per gallon. How much are they paying in London, Paris, Berlin, or Oslo today ? Its all you commuters paying on sub-prime mortgages who will be paying through the nose. Imagine, losing your home and your job all at the same time. I’m sure this war expansion will make Republicans even more loved. But as long as they own the voting machines, why would they care ?

  18. willymack Says:

    One has to wonder what twisted logic the bushies are using in place of good sense in the case of Iran. Considering what was-and is-being done in Iraq, stealing oil and bullying the region further are, in my opinion, the REAL reasons as opposed to the insulting lies they expect our people to believe.

  19. charlieoz Says:

    I’m all for bombing as long as Bush,and Cheny are strapped on to the first 2 bombs dropped.then when new bombs are loaded,they can strap the rest of the traitor un-american(gonzales,rummy,rice and papa bush)basturds to the rest of the bombs.
    After this clusterfuck,it’ll be a cold day before i ever vote for a Texan,even if she/he claim they’re Democratic!

  20. hillcountryhappy Says:

    In addition to the worldwide Muslim attacks against all things American, in Iraq I believe the sectarian violence would cease, and we would see the Iraqis unite against the U.S. and attack our troops ferociously. We then might be forced to withdraw a la Vietnam, but where could our troops go? Kuwait, Syria — I think not. Our current Arab allies would be hard-pressed to continue supporting us.

    Also on the economic front, how are China and Russia going to react? China practically owns the U.S. What would they do? Putin is already saber-rattling.

    In short this step would turn the entire world against us.

  21. Greg Kosmicki Says:

    Here’s the worst case scenario: About a month before the elections, maybe two, Bush and his bunch will create some incident that will give them, finally, incontrovertible evidence that Iran is ready to produce a bomb, or attack US forces in Iraq, or something that they can stir up the fear by using. It won’t have to be much, because they will have been “ramping up” the press and public opinion from now until then, and neither the press nor the public will be able to remember how they got manipulated the last time– remember? Iraq? What’s that? They will use the excuse, whatever it is, to turn it into a hot war in Iran. The talk from the Pentagon now is just a trial balloon to see what the public reaction might be. (”Nope! Nobody’s figured it out! Nobody’s paying attention neither! Woo woo!) Then, right when it’s just about election time, the hot war will break out. Bush will declare martial law, and suspend the election process, and declare himself president-for-life-or-until-the-threat-of-terrorism-from-al Queda/Bin Laden/Islam (fill in the blank)-is-ended. He will promise that we will get elections back when the threat of terrorism is obliterated. (Which of course will be never because there will always be terrorists if the US goes around attacking countries with not provocation.) He will have done the same thing Hitler did in Germany, and we will be in a state of perpetual war with perpetual martial law. (Read George Orwell’s “1984″) The United States as we know it will be gone. What are the consequences of bombing Iran? What are the consequences of leaving Bush in office till the end of his term? Should we maybe be trying to impeach while we still have a country where we can do that?

  22. blackjack Says:

    BAD, we in the middle class really have not seen BAD,if we bomb IRAN. the great DEPRESSION will look like a tea party. That is my out look

  23. alwayshope Says:

    Wow! This one really got everyone talking, Steve!

    What is my take? Good question that I wish I could answer.
    Part of me thinks is it a deliberate leak by the Cheney peeps to test the waters. If they get their usual 30% approval, they will have their usual mandate to do whatever they want. But, it could be just a scare tactic and distraction from Iraq. It could also be a leak by someone who is genuinely afraid they may do this insane thing and wants to expose their plans.

    I have no doubt that Cheney and Lieberman want to bomb Iran. The consequences would be disasterous for America on so many levels that it seems impossible to contemplate. Ruthless, desperate people will contemplate anything that they believe might save themselves, however.

    Will our military carry out the orders (without Congressional approval)?
    Yes. I believe so.
    Will Americans again fall for the lies and threats?
    Yes. I’m afraid so. (at least 30% will)
    Will we bomb Iran on Thanksgiving?
    No. The domestic consequences would be too severe, China will signal it’s warning and Wall Street will heed that warning.
    Sadly, Congress will have no say in it. The few who’d be informed if such a plan were real (probably Cornyn and Lieberman) would sign on to the secrecy and illegality in a minute.

    I keep saying to myself. “even these guys aren’t THAT insane”.
    Bush has proved me wrong many times but I’m saying it again.
    It is just too insane to be true. They want us and they want Iran, and they want their blood-thirsty base to believe it because just talking about it as though it was feasible gives them the authority over it. They are saying, we will bomb anyone we want and no one can stop us and we are saying, “Oh God, we know!” That gives them the authority by the fact that we haven’t claimed the authority to stop them. So, as long as they believe they can, and we believe they might, they can do anything.
    They won’t, not because they care about the loss of life and the destruction (hell, Bush lives for that), but because they do care about the loss of profit and oil.
    Bottom line, with these guys, always.

  24. CyberChas Says:

    Economic costs: INCREDIBLE. $5-$10 per gallon gas. 200% instant inflation in one month, maybe 20-30% per month thereafter. Total colapse of the dollar as China “punishes” us for our actions.

    Loss of Life: MASSIVE. Hundreds of thousands of Iranians dead within a month. Many more collateral damage in Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly Israel.

    Social: TOTAL CHAOS.

    Political: Probably martial law in the US and an end to our Democratic Republic.

    Overall: Probably the only way to get rid of these nut jobs once and for all and make “Republican” as bad a word as “Nazi” is. I would give the Democrats in Congress 24 hours to begin impeachment of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE ADMINISTRATION before I would put “Democrat” in the same category with “Republican” right next to “Nazi.”

  25. muddmike Says:

    Unfortunately the Neocons ARE so ideological that bombing Iran seems like a good idea. They believe that the attack will cause the Iranians to turn against their government. They ignore that in the US 9/11 made 91% of Americans support Bush, up from about 50% the day before.

    Also, Iran has nationalized oil industry just like Iraq did, so they need to get the multinationals’ oil back for them. Even worse, Iran has talked about selling oil for Euros!!!!

    The threats of bombing either 1200 or even 4000 targets in Iran will help get them what they want. The Iranians will be on alert, and might be faked into making the first attack. This will make Cheney look like he is acting in self-defense.

    Unfortunately the first move by Iran will be an all out attack since they figure any weapons bot used will be blown up by bombs or missiles. Of course this will overwhelm American defenses and sink ships and kill many of our sailors and soldiers.

    Bad news all around. The only surprise left is when.

    We need to speak out often and loudly if we are to have any chance of stopping this. If you don’t try, then you are complicit.

  26. Larkrise Says:

    I have answered numerous action alerts by organizations opposed to bombing Iran. If any of you wish to do the same, start with the FCNL. I agree with many of the statements made here. There is really no predicting what Bush and Cheney might do, since they are extremely dysfunctional personalities. Congress inevitably yields to them in the area of warmongering and financial support of it. The Democrats are weak and spineless, plus they have no clear majority in either the House nor the Senate. An attack on Iran is insane, but the public has lived with insanity for 7 years. They are somewhat hardend to it. The MSM certainly is. An attack on Iran will result in outrageous gasoline prices. The Chinese will dump dollars and call in repayment of debt bonds. Russia will fund and supply any and all terrorist groups wishing to attack U.S. interests. Other countries have already begun dumping dollars and this will escalate. The dollar will be worthless. The repercussions here will be enormous. We will sink into a depression. Bush and Cheney have created their own reality. They ignore the obvious. I hope we are all being alarmists. My greatest fear is that we are not.

  27. CCone Says:

    Unfortunately, the pinnacle of power, which includes Bush and Cheney want to see the Middle East off balance. Divide and conquer. They want the USA definitely not to be a Republic in any shape, to strip the people of their rights, money, lands, etc. The power elite are positioning themselves for what is to come. Don’t believe everything is just global warming because the volcanoes and earthquakes have been picking up for the last 40 years also. Check it out, and this is why the immediate power struggle, why it is coming to a head. They know because it has happened to the Earth before. We will attack Iran because it is in their long strategy to accomplish bringing the world to its knees, and we will be face down in the dirt if we don’t wake up. I hope you don’t think Bush is a Texan. He is a blue blood from Connecticutt who just happened to live in Midland for a couple of years. He wasn’t born here, and by God, we don’t want him. I lived here for 48 years in West Texas, have land by Midland, and he isn’t from here. His wife was, but she sold out. There is one hope, kind of like Obi One Kenobi. If we can make it to election day without the whole bottom falling out beforehand. Please look at his voting record and issues before you turn away. His name is Congressman Ron Paul from Austin, Texas, and he wasn’t born here either, but most Texans would say he is the true Constitutionalist from Texas. He is a Republican and voted against the Iraq war. He has voted against every Congressional pay raise. He doesn’t participate in the Congressional Pension Plan which I am sure if Congressman Craig does resign, he will still take his pension. Congressman Ron Paul believes the following: “Make trade with all nations, alliances with none.” He has never voted for a tax increase and wants to limit the powers of the federal government as our founding fathers intended. He is on You Tube with interviews with Colbert, Stewart, and he is Bill Mahr’s new heroe. He was in the Republican debate. Listen to what he said. The market may fall dramatically on September 21st along with the Iran situation being close at hand so stock up, stay prepared, and go vote. I know it sounds clique, but it worked last time when the incumbents were thrown out who were the “Sell Out” Republicans. Yes, now we have Democrats who don’t care because most of the politicians are on the take these days, but maybe someone at the head of this crazy train ride who has some good common sense could put on the brakes. I am not for any party, but check out Ron Paul, and maybe you will have some hope. He is a really smart gentlemen, unlike Bush who had C’s bought for him at Harvard. Dr. Paul wants our troops home to defend the USA, restore this country to a Republic for which we stand, and he doesn’t take corporate money. He is the real deal.

  28. Simon Jester Says:

    The Gang of Pirates don’t really need to trick Iran into making the first move. All the have to do it fashion the situation so that an alleged terrorist event in the US can be pinned on them. And that event wouldn’t even have to be real, either. A few days ago I posted a new short story on my own blog, called “Incident on Concourse B”. It starts like this…

    Lendon Forrester, clattering bags of jumbled canned goods, ran up the steps and opened the door. “Did I miss it?”

    “No,” Frannie Jurdens called from the kitchen. “They’re still in a holding pattern.” She capped the jug she’d been filling, and placed it beside the others on the counter.

    Len glanced at the reporter on the living room TV in passing. “…the ticket counter behind me, air travel in our city has ground to a halt. This same ‘ghost-town’ scenario is being played out at airports across the country, in the wake of this morning’s thwarted terrorist attack in Cincinnati.”

    Frannie looked up as he entered. “I don’t know, Len. The media’s crawling with rumors.”

    Here’s the URL


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