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Welcome to Steven C. Day’s “The Last Chance Democracy Cafe,” an exciting new serial work of political and historical fiction, exclusively for BuzzFlash readers. Filled with lively and stimulating characters discussing the political reality of our daily life, Day’s “Cafe” should be the catalyst for similar conversations in pubs and cafes all across America. We hope you join the journey, it’s one every American should take.

When not busy managing a mythical café, Steven C. Day lives with his family in Wichita, Kansas where he has practiced law for 25 years. Contact Steven at scday(at)buzzflash.com.

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The Republican Darts, Speech Jukebox and Bushspeak Machine Flash animations are the work of Take Back the Media.

The voice of George in the Bushspeak Machines was graciously donated by the voice of George. Hear more of George on his Weekly Radio Address.

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