God, air travel sucks anymore

I flew into Atlanta on one of those 40-seater commuter jets, all the rage these days with the airlines for those of us who don’t fly out of the big cities.  I’m kind of a big guy (not huge but good sized) and these little jets just aren’t built for big guys. So I sat there, trying desperately not to rub up against the woman with the screaming baby in the seat next to me, for fear of being accused of — well, whatever it is one might be accused of for rubbing up against a woman you don’t know and/or her screaming baby.

Unfortunately, in doing so, my other shoulder and knee were sticking out, ever so slightly, into the aisle.  So, naturally, the flight attendant dutifully (I really do believe that some of them think of it as a duty) slammed into me with the beverage cart, followed immediately by the words, “watch your arms and legs.” 

That was certainly helpful, sort of like a “bridge out” sign located on the other side of the ravine you just drove your car into.

There was weather in Atlanta, so we had to wait hours to take off on both my inbound and my outbound legs.  And the airline people on the ground were well into that “get out of my face, asshole” attitude many of them tend to develop, not entirely unreasonably, when just one too many people blame them for the shitty weather.  My outgoing flight to Charlotteville, Virginia went through three, count ‘em, three separate gate changes — every one requiring a train ride between concourses. We began at Concourse B, jumped to Concourse D, and then, apparently worried that Concourse C might feel offended for having been skipped, we finally flew out of there.

Naturally, I had tried to carry everything onboard, rather than checking it, so I got to haul it from place to place to place, as children whispered maliciously to their mothers, “Why’s that old guy panting like that.” 

The flight, needless to say, was bumpy and the hotel restaurant was closed when I finally arrived; so I ate a bag of bugles from the vending machine as my lunch and dinner.  They were stale. 

But other than that it was really quite a pleasant trip.

I’ll be out of pocket all day today doing business here in Charlotteville.  Expect regular posting to pick up again on Wednesday.  In the meanwhile, if you happen to go to The Last Chance Democracy Café, have a drink for me.  I could use it.

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  1. iowametal76 Says:

    Wow, that sucks dude.

    Maybe the 9-11 hijackers weren’t terrorists at all, but just really frustrated and pissed off (i.e. normal) air travellers.

  2. alwayshope Says:

    I took a bus once.
    I sat next to a woman with a DOLL baby in her arms. Half of its hair had been pulled out, so one side of its rubber head was just a bunch of holes.
    She talked to it and rocked it, but it never did scream. so I guess, I shouldn’t complain.
    I could tell you about my experience on a train….but oh my, that was a long time ago and my face still gets red when I think about it.
    Another day, perhaps.

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