U.S. Healthcare Twice as Costly, Less Effective Than Britain’s National Plan

Kevin Drum notes a new study on healthcare that points out, among other things, that …

White, middle-aged Americans — even those who are rich — are far less healthy than their peers in England

Why, you ask? Well, it’s not all those bangers and mash the Brits eat, it’s that they have a national healthcare system, mediocre as it might be, that provides BETTER healthcare than the for-profit, greed-motivated, bottom-line, who cares about people system we have in the U.S.

[Britain’s universal health-care system] might explain better health for low-income citizens, but can’t account for better health of Britain’s more affluent residents.

“It’s not just how we treat people when they get ill, but why they get ill in the first place”

It’s a combination of lifestyle (which include our food choices) AND a crappy healthcare system. But, if more of us had regular doctor visits, we’d get more advice about things we’re doing wrong and ways to avoid the hospital. Here’s the kicker:

Those dismal results are despite the fact that U.S. health care spending is double what England spends on each of its citizens.

Capitalism is killing healthcare. When money is king, everything else comes second (including your health and people’s lives).

Remind me not to get sick anymore.

- Greg

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