Is Michelle Malkin dumb or just evil?

This is a serious question — well serious in the same sense that a debate about which is worse, being bitten by a rattlesnake or a rabid skunk, might be considered serious.

Malkin’s the snake by the way.  The question at hand is whether she’s also the skunk. 

Unlike many progressive bloggers, I studiously avoid Fox News.  I don’t read Ann Coulter’s columns and I’ve never voluntarily listened to more of a Rush Limbaugh radio broadcast than the time it took to change the channel.  So I’m actually not much of an expert on the highly profitable (in terms of money not wisdom) world of extreme right wing columnists/commentators.

To be honest, it’s only recently that I even learned that Malkin exists (man was that a red-letter day), and then only because of the coverage her hatefulness garners on liberal websites.

But now I’ve watched her on television a few times.  And yes, she strikes me as hateful, bigoted and revolting.  But she also strikes me as something else — as dumb as a stump.

But still, my contact with her “work” has been limited. So I can definitely use some input from others.

So tell me what you think: Is Malkin evil and dumb, or just evil?

For those who really want to get into the assignment, by the way, research opportunities are available here, here and here.

8 Responses to “Is Michelle Malkin dumb or just evil?”

  1. hizzhoner Says:

    Tough call…, I’m serious, it’s a tough call.

    I think in order to spew some of the evil junk and keep her constituency fired up, she has …..ummmmm…..meld with the IQ of that constituency….If she’s not dumb, she at least has to pretend to be so her audience won’t think she’s one of those fancy-pants-college-educated-know-it-alls. Or not.


  2. awreckloose Says:

    see also:

  3. RightisWrong Says:

    Michelle Malkin is not dumb. Serving the Right pay$ much better than the Left. Being outrageous a la Ann Coulter got her publicity, speaking engagements, and television time.

    Since she has literally sold her soul Dorian Gray-style to “be somebody famous”, is that evil? I would say yes, but since it seems to be working for her…..people are talking about her…. it also seems to be achieving her objectives.

    I just wish the rest of us would simply ignore her (and Ann C), and shower her with indifference…..

  4. allnew2000 Says:

    ….Michelle is an idiot..I have often wondered if she spews her malicious, hateful ignorance at the behest of “THE MAN” or just as an ill perceived vehicle to be accepted by the right wing neo conservative facists that her articles serve as propaganda for….she obviously hates herself, her gender and the fact that she is not a white american male….poor Michelle needs extensive treatment in an institution for the mentally insane….


  5. Dboy Says:

    I think she’s deranged. A daughter of an immigrant family, she obviously hated herself for not being (in her eyes) a “real American.” I’ve seen her on TV several times where she is so full of rage and hate face deforms into a mask of pure evil.

  6. SS 396 Says:

    An idiot yes. Dumb only if she really believes what she says. Evil no doubt about it, people who seek to cause others pain for profit are evil.

  7. sleight47 Says:

    The same question has been asked about our president! I don’t watch her (or “them”) either. Just keeping updated on the present scenarios is enough to curdle your gruel. Let’s go in a different direction here. I live in Idaho. People here believe there is no such thing as dumb (they’re entitled to their beliefs regardless of facts), nor is there such a thing as evil as long as it’s cloaked in Christianity. I think Malkin and her cohorts are better classified as belonging to the world’s oldest profession…they’re prostitutes. Some are men, some are women, but it’s all the same.

  8. Larkrise Says:

    The Indianapolis Star used to carry Malkin’s column, then dropped her. Since the Star is right-wing itself, I’ve no idea why they dropped her. I would like to say it was because the Malicious Malkin was too extreme even for the Star. However, it probably had something to do with money. She is a nasty, venomous piece of work. Like Coulter and Limbaugh, however, she knows it will make her rich. If she has a soul, and I doubt it, she has sold it long ago to Mammon. All of these right-wing extremists are avaricious, self-promoting and very, very tedious. If you boil it down to the basics, they say the same things over and over. It is unfortunate that there is an audience for their diatribes, but it is the audience that is stupid. They pay to immerse themselves in hate. They are simply The Klan with more money.

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