Is there anything too stupid for the congressional GOP to do?

Just when you think there is no way the congressional GOP can do anything more mind-numbingly stupid than what they’ve already done — when you allow yourself to assume that they have reached the very zenith of oafishness — the pinnacle of moronic conduct beyond which no mere mortal can ever pass, they go and prove you wrong.

(AP) House wants to deny sanctuary cities aid

WASHINGTON — Cities and states that aid illegal immigrants without reporting them to the authorities risk losing millions of dollars in homeland security and other federal money under two spending bills approved last month by the House.

The bills, which fund the departments of Homeland Security, Commerce, State and Justice, were amended to refuse federal money to any city or state with policies that prohibit local government officials from alerting federal authorities about possible immigration law violators.

The article goes on to mention that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is bit upset about the bill, noting the possibility it might cost the city antiterrorism funding:

Bloomberg said the penalty would aid terrorists. “New York remains the country’s top terror target, and if Congress passes this amendment, no one will cheer louder than al-Qaida,” he said.

Now, there’s a swift idea: In order to punish localities whose policies toward illegal immigrants offend Republicans in Congress, let’s cut off their Homeland Security funding.

Great idea, guys. That way when al-Qaida sneaks a nuclear bomb through the ports and sets it off in, say, New York City, those damn New Yorkers will be taught one hell of a valuable lesson.

5 Responses to “Is there anything too stupid for the congressional GOP to do?”

  1. Paul Says:

    I wonder why they did not include the IRS and the Social Security Administration? The IRS routinely issues Taxpayer ID Numbers to undocumented workers. The IRS collects income tax and the SSA also collects SS taxes from those undocumented workers.

  2. iowametal76 Says:

    What about the illegal immigrants working as gardeners, housecleaners, nannies, poolboys, cooks, garbage haulers, etc in places like Sugarland, Kennebunkport, or anyplace that wealthy Republicans might live?

  3. Chuck Says:

    There are no “illegal” immagrants, only “desperate” one’s.
    In my humble opinion.

  4. ElleninBigD Says:


  5. richl Says:

    So, immigration laws should not be enforced? Perhaps we should simply open our borders to all comers and triple the size of Homeland Security and hope they can catch a few the AlQuedaal-Qaeda types that wander in?
    Just out of curiosity where would you draw the line on reporting people that sneak into the country? Do you have a magic box that tells you whether they are “good guys” or “bad guys”?

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