Iraq spiraling out of control

Let’s check in on all that good news from Iraq we’ve been hearing about . . .

4 More Soldiers Accused of Rape and Murder in Iraq

Shiite Gunmen Kill 41 Sunnis in Baghdad

Insurgent Infiltration, Brutality, Corruption Rampant In Iraqi Police Force…

U.S. Military Braces for Flurry of Criminal Cases in Iraq

Three U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

It was Otto Von Bismarck who said, “Politics is the art of the possible.”  Sure, in an ideal world we would stay in Iraq until order is restored and a stable democratic government is in place.  But have we received any reasonable, objective indication that doing so is even remotely possible?

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  1. Chuck Says:

    Dilemma: Is war politics by other means, or is politics war by other means?

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