The title I’m hoping to see at Talking Points Memo the morning after the election

By way of explanation . . . 

It was Nov. 6, 2002, and I was crawling out of bed anything but a happy camper.  The election held the day before had been an absolute disaster.  Although the total numbers don’t sound that impressive (the GOP gained two seats in the Senate and eight in the House), it was supposed to have been a big year for the Democrats.  Instead, they ended up losing pretty much every seriously contested race.

To put things into perspective, the single most enduring image of the entire election cycle, bar none, was of James Carville wearing a trash can over his head election night as the results came in.  It was that ugly.

Anyway, when I was finally out of bed on the dreary Wednesday morning that followed, I mournfully turned on my laptop to get the final accounting of the mayhem; and by-and-by, as I surfed from one despondent progressive site to another, I found my way to Josh Marshall’s site, TPM.  Then all of a sudden I was laughing.

Here’s what he said:

“Well, that really could have gone better.”

It loses a little something in translation, but the understatement was the perfect touch that sad morning.

So, if this year goes as well for the Democrats as now seems possible (pretty please with sugar on top), this is the title to the first post at TPM I’m hopping for the next morning:

“Well, that really couldn’t have gone better.”

It isn’t nearly as funny as the original, but, hey, I’m willing to make the sacrifice.

2 Responses to “The title I’m hoping to see at Talking Points Memo the morning after the election”

  1. bigassbelle Says:

    i don’t think i can bear it if there’s not a change. i’ve become obsessed and i’m afraid i care too much what happens tuesday.

  2. Larkrise Says:

    After 2002, I knew things would get worse, and they did. After 2004, I knew things would get worse, and they did. I just want things to get better. because they CAN get much worse. We can pray for the return of common sense and decency. May Wednesday morning bring us reason to celebrate.

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