Election blogging, part one

Okay, the Senate is looking very problematic, but we always knew that.  As to the House, grabbing all three closely contested seats in Indiana is very encouraging, but I’m ready to see the seats start to fall our way.

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  1. Larkrise Says:

    I am amazed, absolutely amazed! There is actually intelligent life in parts of Indiana. Here in Indianapolis, David Orentlicher beat Kathryn Densborn for our districts State Senate seat. Three cheers!!! Kathryn ran a very dirty campaign. She belongs to my parish. I was totally disappointed in her campaigning tactics. Mike Sodrel can go back to counting his millions. Baron Hill took back his House seat. Thank God,we dont have to listen to any more of those terrible, negative campaign ads. Hostettler is out and so is Chocola! We have lost a lot of soldiers to the inferno in Iraq. I am sure that had much to do with it. Boos to the fat-cats in Carmel who voted Dan Burton back in. That was a done deal. The Carmel housewives cant see beyond their Botox and SUVs. Julia Carson beat Eric Dickerson. Hurrah! Hurrah! Dickerson ran a belligerent campaign. Julia’s health is fragile, but she stands behind the people. Can we dare to hope some sanity will be restored?

  2. alwayshope Says:

    Yes, Larkrise! Hurrah!
    It’s been an encouraging night in this very red state and it feels good to see that Hoosiers are more informed and more concerned than I had thought.
    I have 2 Joe Donnelly signs in my yard and they look really good tonight. How long can I leave them there before it’s considered gloating?

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