House falls

I’d like to say I’m ecstatic, but relieved is more like it.

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  1. Larkrise Says:

    Now comes the Repug spin on the entire election. Would they like a little cheese with their whine?

  2. alwayshope Says:

    My sister worked her tail off for Joe Donnelly. Good job, Sis!
    I am so happy to see that even in Indiana there are some people who have put down the kool-aid and opened their eyes.
    I am happy, thrilled and relieved but I can’t be ecstatic since Leiberman won. The Dems may find him to be a thorn in their side. He’ll whine and threaten to vote with the Rs if he isn’t given power. I don’t trust him. I wanted him to lose so bad but I am so happy that Santorum is GONE.
    Now if we can just win in Montana (against the horse slaughterer) and in Virginia(against macaca), it will have been a total success.
    How will Bush spin it? he may call out the Guard and have all the new Dems arrested for an attempted coup and sent to Gitmo. Oh wait, the Guard is pretty busy these days, maybe he’ll call on Blackwater or Macaca’s brown shirts. If he reacts true to form he won’t acknowledge the loss of seats at all, he’ll insist he has a mandate and start threatening Iran. Or he’ll talk about being a uniter and about how good he is at working across party lines. Whatever his spin it will be, as always, pitiful, petulent and pure bull.
    This was a vote about Bush and the people have told him that we don’t like him and his incompetent, fear-mongering, all war all the time administration.
    He doesn’t care what we think but I’m tickled pink that we finally decided TO think!

  3. mohawk Says:

    Prez. Bush spent the last few months claiming that all dems are traitors to America.
    Now, can we just all work together???????

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