Is Al Gore starting to piss you off a little?

This is tongue-in-cheek (mostly), but –

We’ve begged, and we’ve begged, and we’ve begged.  And he still says no, or at least probably no.

Be honest: is it starting to piss you off just a little?

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  1. RJHall Says:

    Starting to?! If he runs now he might be the first presidential candidate to start his campaign AFTER repeatedly lying to the voters. This whole “Reluctant Candidate Theater” show of how he won’t run will really fall flat if he runs after all. One of his biggest strengths is that he’s not a politically calculating liar like all the candidates, and that strength would disappear if he soon revealed that all this time he was really running too but just pretending not to.

    In the post here a year ago “Let’s Draft Al Gore” ( ), Gore was compared to a fictional “Tami Sampson”, the 17-year-old girl who got away and we’ve regretted it ever since. But now, a year later, if he starts to run after all, it would be like one of those many after-school specials or teenager movies in which the beautiful girl, Tami Sampson, who has been snobbishly saying “No” the whole movie, finally at the end (when the teenage boy protoganist wins the ski race or whatever) says “Yes” but the boy doesn’t want her anymore anyway because now she has revealed herself to be just a shallow, superficial snob who is just attracted to success and winning, and anyway, the boy has SOME pride.

    The most attractive thing about Al Gore right now is that he hasn’t been acting like a politician. If he starts to openly run for President now (or in the next few months), then he will reveal himself to have been secretly acting like a politician all this time, coldly, cynically, calculatedly lying to us up until the right moment to openly run (even if that’s not what he’s been doing, if he REALLY MEANT “No” all this time, it will still SEEM like that’s what he’s been doing), and so he won’t be so attractive (at least to some voters who have SOME pride) anymore.

    Yeah, it’s starting to piss me off just a little. Or maybe I’m just more in a mood of “abandon all hope ye who enter here” (to quote my comment to last year’s post) now. Come on, alwayshope, cheer me up a little now!

  2. iowametal76 Says:

    It is getting a tad bit old - just tell us unequivocally already! Yes or no?!
    But I’m not getting pissed off about it (yet?). In fact, I’ll be much, much more pissed/disappointed if he doesn’t run at all.
    I guess I don’t have too much of a problem with his being calculating/politician-y. He IS a politician, after all. I think it’s actually a pretty good idea to let the other candidates eliminate themselves through overexposure, and then swoop in at a later date to steal all of their thunder and swipe the nomination out from under her. Er, “them.”
    Honestly, at thsi point, I just want him to run so badly I don’t really care how/when he decides to announce. Just do it. Of all the candidates, both actual and potential, he is the ONLY one I really trust and place the most confidnece in.

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