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Yea, It’s Recess (But Not on Capitol Hill)

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Hi. This is Christy. This is Part II of our tribute to Thanksgiving.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Harry Reid, for a stress-free Thanksgiving! The United States Senate is still in session (sort of), which means Bush can’t give us another round of recess appointments like Former Permanent U.S. Representative to the UN John “Make-My-Skin-Crawl” Bolton or, more recently, Homeland Security’s Julie “Let’s-All-Go-In-Black-Face” Myers. And Bush, indeed, indicated he had some contenders waiting in the wings.

Let’s be happy that we don’t have to keep an eye or ear out for any such dismal DC news while we take time for turkey (or Tofurky) this season.

And as we thank Majority Leader Harry Reid, who played this rare strategy card to good effect, maybe we can suggest some other ideas to send his way. Let’s all coach Sen. Reid on strategy as he joins in the gamesmanship that his predecessor Bill “Nuclear-Option” Frist was so good at! Harry, you may be on a roll!

Let us be thankful for food every day

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Hi. It’s Chad, once again. We want to explore the idea of Thanksgiving today through Wednesday. Each day, we’ll pick a different theme. And today, it’s all about food.

“Yes, it’s Thanksgiving time again and we’re all supposed to be thankful for food, football, and sales.”

OK, that’s a little cynical. The football happens throughout the fall and yes, the day after Thanksgiving does produce mass hysteria, but might be the best price for an item.

But food is an everyday matter, not just for Thanksgiving. I realize the concept (perhaps Disney-ified by now) of Pilgrims being thankful for getting through the harvest so that they wouldn’t starve is a nice vision. But in 2007, are people really having trouble getting food?

Well, apparently they are.

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s annual hunger survey released Wednesday showed that more than 35.5 million people in the United States were hungry in 2006. While that number was about the same as the previous year, heads of food banks and pantries say many more people are seeking their assistance.”

This discussion from this article asks us whether this concept is truly effective in remedying the hunger issue, long-term.

Perhaps the Pilgrims needed to eat that much food in 1621, but do we really need to eat ourselves silly just to pass out from the tryptophan?

We produce enough food to feed everyone and still export plenty. Yet, at Thanksgiving, and the rest of the year, some of us go hungry.

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C’mon, Denny, finish what you started

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Hi. It’s Chad. Normally, we applaud when Republicans leave Congress. But this resignation didn’t strike me quite right.  

Denny Hastert likes to think of himself as a wrestling coach more than being Speaker of the House (he was a better coach than speaker). If one of his wrestlers came to him in the middle of a match and said he wanted to leave, Hastert would probably chew his tail out and tell him to finish the match. In wrestling, even if you down a whole bunch of points, if you can pin your opponent before the final whistle, you win the match.

So when Hastert decides he wants to quit his Congressional seat before the term is up, what would Hastert, the coach, say to Hastert, the former speaker? “Get your butt back in there and finish the match.”

But Hastert is quitting Congress, and we’re not really sure why. We know he’s unhappy being in the minority, we know he wants to set up a replacement. But many House reps also feel that way, and yet they finish their terms.

If there is some sinister reason (e.g., health), there’s no indication. In fact, he has lost a bunch of weight lately.

Illinois law requires the governor, within five days after Hastert resigns, to schedule a special election that must be held within 115 days. The ideal date for the special election would be the regular primary election on Feb. 5. But that might give Democrats an advantage in a special election, given the momentum from having its native son (Obama) and Illinois-birthplace holder (Hillary Clinton) run for president. And Hastert seems very concerned about not giving the Democrats an advantage.

Also a special election and a separate day for a primary adds costs to the election process, and why do that if it’s not necessary.

Hastert is even vague about exactly when he’s going to leave. Why not? After all, there doesn’t appear to be any reason for him to leave. If he does leave at the end of the year, as he has hinted he’ll do, why not stay one more year?

Regardless of party affiliation, you should have a compelling reason to leave a House seat early. It’s only a 2-year stint. It’s an elected office, so when you choose to leave, you violate the trust of those who sent you there.

Tough Talk on Iraq

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Hi, it’s Christy again. Hope you’re enjoying our discussion threads.

Today Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are saying:

“He damn sure is not entitled to having this money given to him just with a blank check …” — Harry Reid.
“Americans need someone fighting for them taking on this bully we have in the White House …” – Harry Reid
“Every dollar we spend in Iraq comes at the expense of people in America …” – Harry Reid
“… his counterpart, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said there would be no compromise before the end of the year, setting the stage for a standoff into early 2008.”
Democrats vow not to be bullied by Bush on Iraq


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he may keep the Senate in session over the weekend if an agreement can’t be reached sooner to consider a House-backed measure requiring U.S. troops to begin withdrawing from Iraq.
“We’re going to move forward on this legislation this week,” he told reporters. …
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said today that Congress won’t take up any more money for the war until next year if the withdrawal measure fails in the Senate.
The House measure approved last night includes a “sense of the Congress” resolution that the Iraq war should end as “quickly as possible” and that the $50 billion should be used only to bring troops home, not to extend the war.
Reid Says Senate May Hold Weekend Session on Iraq Withdrawal

One more, from CQPolitics:

“We’ll either do it the easy way or the hard way, it’s up to the Republicans …” – Harry Reid
Reid Threatens Sunday Senate Session for Vote on War Funding

What’s happening on the Hill? Has something changed? If so, what? The Democratic leadership is talking tough. We’d like to believe them, but we also feel just like Charlie Brown running towards the football. Time will tell. Can they stick to their guns? (The Republicans are assuming not.)

Why would someone pay decent money to go to the Creation Museum?

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Hi. It’s Chad once again from We’re still pinch-hitting for Steve, keeping the conversation going.

The Creation Museum seemed like a sad joke when the concept was introduced. An entire building devoted to the philosophy (theory is too strong a word) that the story of Adam and Eve is literal. When the story was passed down over hundreds of years, people even then knew it was a story. How we went backwards in time is anyone’s guess.

In case you don’t know much about the museum, here’s a good look from the archives of

The museum wants to expand, but they have to raise the money to be able to pull this off. The museum predicted it would get 250,000 visitors its entire first year, but they say that 250,000 mark got hit after five months.

I should point out that I almost went there. We were on our way to Cincinnati and decided to take I-275 West to bypass the city and go to our hotel in Kentucky. As tempting as it would have been to go to make fun of it, we decided not to go since we would have to give them money.

You have to figure that schools are busing their kids from miles around — evangelicals can’t help but use this as a field trip to “confirm” their narrow-minded views. But who else would go to a Creation Museum?

I couldn’t help but ask the hotel clerk where we were staying in Kentucky (suburban Cincinnati) about the Creation Museum. He hadn’t actually been there, but had heard good things about it, and wanted to go himself. Some of that sentiment could be attributed to tourism, and getting us to spend more money in the area. But he seemed really sincere. If he had gone, I would have asked the follow-up question: “Why?”

So instead I ask you, “Why would someone pay decent money to go to the Creation Museum?” I realize you aren’t the typical audience for the museum, but take a shot.

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Nowhere to hide?

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

I’m Christy, also with This is a guest entry.

Aren’t there any limits to the government’s “right to know” what I’m up to? Not anymore, if the FISA Amendments Act of 2007 (S. 2248), currently before the Senate Judiciary Committee, becomes law. It would let companies like my internet service provider, AT&T, off the hook for sharing the content and patterns of use of all my emails — and those of every American citizen who pays them for internet service — with the National Security Agency, aka Big Brother. But that’s not all.

Elliot Cohen’s insightful article Senate Judiciary Poised to Pass Total Information Awareness Bill analyzes the bill and details the reasons it must be blocked. At the top of the list is that it enables a sitting government to spy on political opponents, thus wreaking havoc on free and democratic elections. Kind of a biggie. We did impeach President Nixon for trying to get his hands on that kind of information.

But Bush and his Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence for the U.S., Donald Kerr, don’t see why our privacy matters.

I’m a pretty law-abiding person, but I find this intimidating. And I’m not alone. AT&T was hit with 40 lawsuits over their actions that made widespread domestic spying a reality. All those suits will be dropped in a trash bin if this law moves out of committee and back to Bush’s desk. And we’d never know if the telecoms’ complicity was real or imagined, lawful or nefarious.

In January of this year, the Congress approved a Bush-friendly law while promising to revisit it and give it more scrutiny before making it permanent. Now is the time for us to hold them to that pledge. If we don’t, “Total Information Awareness” will become firmly entrenched as the law of the land.

Government shouldn’t be snooping on citizens this way. Let’s stop it now. Get busy lobbying the Senate Judiciary Committee and all of Congress. There are places to turn if you need help, go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) or the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

Write-in candidate for president?

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Hi. This is Chad from We will be helping our good friend Steve with keeping the discussion alive.

Here is the first guest post. We will have many more to follow with a variety of different voices.

Stephen Colbert lost his bid to be on the presidential ballot in South Carolina. But a public service he performed was opening our eyes to how someone gets on the ballot to run for president.

The Republicans wanted $35,000, the Democrats only wanted $2,500 (cheap date?). Why are the fees so huge? What purpose do they serve?

Colbert didn’t want to pony up for the Republicans (if he spent more than $5,000, election rules would have kicked in), and the Democrats took his check, but gave it back in a 10-3 vote.

But who should be on the ballot? And why?

In 1974, a different Steven (v, not ph) wasn’t on a different kind of ballot: baseball’s All-Star Game ballot. Steve Garvey was a rookie for the Los Angeles Dodgers at first base. Rookies don’t get on the ballot because the ballots are done before the season starts, and who knows if a rookie will make it.

Garvey was having a great year and deserves to go to the All-Star Game. Sure enough, a write-in campaign got started, and when it came time to tabulate the votes, Garvey was voted to the All-Star Game.

Not only did he start, but also Garvey was elected MVP for the All-Star Game, a 7-2 National League win in Pittsburgh.

So if we can elect a 1st baseman by a write-in candidacy, why not a president? Stephen Colbert is one possibility. A certain national figure with the initials AG is another possible nominee.

Should we do so? Is there anyone you would like to see?

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Sweet dreams: Lieberman running for VP as a Republican

Monday, November 12th, 2007

A lot of “influential” neoconservatives are apparently talking up the idea.  It won’t happen, of course, but wouldn’t it be great?  Think of all the pluses:

– We’d finally be completely rid of the bastard from the Democratic Party.

– He’d do an even worse job of running this time than he did with Al Gore in 2000, what with all the extra baggage he’s now carrying around, thus helping the Democrats win.

– He’d go down in history as the only person ever to lose as a vice presidential candidate for both major parties.

Think of it: Joe Lieberman — a loser for the ages.  What could be a better epitaph?

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The next few weeks in the café

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Sorry about the few days of dead space here, although I do have a new post up below.  

The next few weeks should be interesting here at the café.  I will be out of pocket almost completely (business related).  After that I should be back in the saddle with no further extended interruptions for a good long time.

But here’s the exciting part: while I’m gone, guest bloggers from the cafe, including some people you haven’t met before, will be keeping things lively. 

So be sure to check in to see how the fresh meat is doing!

And thanks for your continued patronage.

P.S. Chuck, about that bar bill . . .


Bill Clinton dancing with the devil

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

Wow.  I mean, just, wow.  Of all the attack dogs who savaged Bill Clinton during his presidency, Richard Mellon Scaife towered above all others.  Scaife was the moneyman behind the so-called Arkansas Project, a far right crusade dedicated to trying (without success) to dig up dirt on Bill Clinton.  Scaife’s biggest impact came elsewhere, however, as the sugar daddy who financed the creation of much of the right wing’s intellectual infrastructure. 

As the guys in the lounge at The Last Chance Democracy Cafe said some time back:

Richard Mellon Scaife, working through three nonprofit foundations, himself has contributed more than $200 million to far right causes.”

“Wow,” said Zach.

“Big wow,” agreed Horace.

*  *  *

It kind of takes your breath away doesn’t it — one man, all by himself, able to plow a full $200 million into far right political advocacy. And in case you’re wondering that much money could easily have fed 10 million starving children for an entire month. But then, what’s the attraction of ending the suffering or even saving the lives of millions of children, when compared to the joy of helping to drag the United States back 100 years into the past?

Winston looked grumpier than usual – and that’s saying something.

He scoffed. “Hell, it’s just money he inherited from mommy and daddy. It isn’t like he had to work for it or something. What does he care? Why not take a couple hundred million of his billions of dollars and use them to buy the American political process as his own personal plaything? What’s he got to lose?”

Tom flicked a piece of lint off Winston’s jacket, then added, “This guy may well have had a greater impact on the American political process than any other man or woman alive today. And yet, the only qualification he’s ever had for that job is the dumb luck of whose sperm and whose egg came together to conceive his squirrelly little ass . . .”

So any guess as to who recently shared a friendly little lunch with our friend Scaife?  You got it — Bill Clinton himself.

(Newsweek) So Happy Together

Bill Clinton is never at a loss for company. When he’s not globe-trotting or charming audiences for as much as $400,000 a speech, he’s often schmoozing visitors in his suite of offices in Harlem. Last July, the former president sat down with a billionaire impressed with the William J. Clinton Foundation’s campaign against AIDS in Africa. The two men chatted amiably over lunch for more than two hours, and the visitor pledged to write Clinton’s foundation a generous check. But there was something unusual, if not plain weird, about the meeting. NEWSWEEK has learned that the billionaire so eager to endear himself to the former president was Richard Mellon Scaife—once the Clintons’ archenemy and best-known as the man behind a “vast, right-wing conspiracy” that Hillary Clinton said was out to destroy them.

I’m all for forgiving and forgetting, but this is ridiculous.  Let’s not forget that Bill and Hillary Clinton weren’t the only people hurt by Scaife’s Arkansas Project.  A lot of other good people – many of them friends of the Clintons — were hurt in the process.  And if you add in the damage Scaife’s right wing intellectual network has done to the country, he has a lot to answer for. 

Snuggling up with Scaife now may be good for both Bill’s foundation and Hillary’s campaign, but absent a wholesale David Brock style conversion on Scaife’s part, frankly, it’s a little hard to take.