Yea, It’s Recess (But Not on Capitol Hill)

Hi. This is Christy. This is Part II of our tribute to Thanksgiving.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Harry Reid, for a stress-free Thanksgiving! The United States Senate is still in session (sort of), which means Bush can’t give us another round of recess appointments like Former Permanent U.S. Representative to the UN John “Make-My-Skin-Crawl” Bolton or, more recently, Homeland Security’s Julie “Let’s-All-Go-In-Black-Face” Myers. And Bush, indeed, indicated he had some contenders waiting in the wings.

Let’s be happy that we don’t have to keep an eye or ear out for any such dismal DC news while we take time for turkey (or Tofurky) this season.

And as we thank Majority Leader Harry Reid, who played this rare strategy card to good effect, maybe we can suggest some other ideas to send his way. Let’s all coach Sen. Reid on strategy as he joins in the gamesmanship that his predecessor Bill “Nuclear-Option” Frist was so good at! Harry, you may be on a roll!

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  1. Says:

    Yea, It’s Recess (But Not on Capitol Hill)…

    Thanks to Harry Reid, Maryland and Virginia senators will go to "work" to keep the Senate running, so Bush won’t make any stupid recess appointments, e.g., John Bolton….

  2. Larkrise Says:

    Bush makes nothing but stupid appointments, recess or otherwise. Cronies, incompetents, thugs, thieves and corporate a..kissing crooks are his favored appointees. Nevertheless, it is refreshing to see Harry Reid show a bit of moxie. Let Dubious Dubya froth and fume throughout the holiday. He deserves all the indigestion he experiences from being thwarted. Watch him throw a tantrum.

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