Ahmadinejad’s best friend.

America, of course.  Without us, his ever useful and faithful foil, he’d be in big trouble back home.

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5 Responses to “Ahmadinejad’s best friend.”

  1. Larkrise Says:

    Ahmadinejad is not the real power in Iran. The Ayotollah is. (Sorry, I can’t spell his name.) We would have done well to rise above being rude and caustic, and rather shown a cold and distant courtesy. I was not impressed with the President of Columbia University’s behavior, any more than I am impressed with Ahmadinejad. A game of “nyah, nyah, nyah” is neither dignified nor worthy of a Democracy. We used to take the High Road. Now, we have gone the route of bullying and name-calling. It simply gives more grist to our enemies; and more reason to hate us. We have a big stick. It would be of more benefit to speak softly.

  2. Larry the Red Says:

    And act more graciously. I thought we blew a golden opportunity by not letting Ahmadinejad lay a wreath at Ground Zero, as we so narcissistically call it. I’ve lost track of the number of bullets we’ve had to dig out of our feet these past few years.

  3. alwayshope Says:

    I agree, Larkrise. Are we twelve?!!!
    Congress holds hearings to condemn an ad. Senators want to cut funding to Columbia U for daring to even have a dialog. We don’t talk to people we don’t like and we don’t like anyone who isn’t just like us. nyah, nyah.
    God, didn’t we used to have grownups in charge of our national policy?
    Underneath every bully is a coward and this week was a real show of cowardice and name-calling usually found in a schoolyard, not in the leadership of the “home of the brave.”
    What next from our childish leaders and pundits? Will Coulter call Ahmadinejad gay or will she claim he’s been having a torrid love affair with the 9/11 widows? Will Bill O’lielly go out for a falafel and then announced his amazement that none of the patrons had bombs strapped to their chests?
    What will dear leader and his little friends break next?
    When the hell does this nightmare end?

  4. Larkrise Says:

    Wow! I love that image:”Will Bill O’Lielly go out for a falafel and then announce his amazement that none of the patrons had bombs strapped to their chests?” Good one, alwayshope. He would do precisely that or something similar. Bush has set the tone. The rest of the fools follow. Name-calling, juvenile behavior(Mission Accomplished), refusing dialogue, bullying, lying, bombast and bragging. Now we have Columbia University’s President acting like an uncouth clod who had too much Bud on a Sat. night, and went out to start a fight. Whatever happened to dignity, graciousness, and intelligent behavior? And please dont tell me 9/11 justifies an end to that. Instead, the strong hold their heads high and continue to be rational and mature. Larry is correct. We should have allowed Ahmadinejad to lay a wreath at the 9/11 site. Iran did not attack the U.S. Most of the attackers were from Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden is from Saudi Arabia. If the man wanted to make a kind gesture, he should have been allowed to do so. We keep on adding to our world portrait as the rude, crude bullies of the planet.
    It will take years to repair the damage. I am weary of living with an uncivilized, ignorant government.

  5. Again Says:

    It will take years to repair the damage.

    sorry to be so pessimistic - but we will have no “years” to repair anything

    you know, i’m not only worried about the stream of bad news about Global Warming - i’m much more worried about the little “confessions” around the bad news: how suprising they are, that they are (1) faster and (2) stronger than foreseen, which inevitably leads to the conclusion, that the catastrophe will be much more severe than “promised” - take into account Global Dimming, which “balanced” the Warming for decades (at cost of Global Poisoning) and then you see that it is easily possible to increase temperature by 2 °C (about 4 °F) - until 2020. That are just 13 years for irreversible damages creating super deserts, super floods, super storms - and super wars of super angry and super hungry crowds…

    we really have the chance to see it - to see our children die - because we are so eager to protect the profits….

    for a paltry 13 years…

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