The irritating thing about Maureen Dowd

I want to hate Dowd, I really do.  And every time she turns her snarky prose against Al Gore, to name just one notable example, I do hate her.  But then just when I’ve contentedly settled into my contempt, she’ll turn on a dime and burn Bush & Co. in that way that only she can manage.  As Winston once said here:

Always approach Dowd the way a wise mate (if there were such a thing) would approach a black widow spider: you can enjoy the beauty of her occasional anti-Bush tirades, but never forget that she’ll turn on you in the end.

At the end of the day, I think Dowd is essentially soulless: devoid of commitment to anything aside from her own ego.  And in times like these, with so much is on the line, clever but politically amoral just doesn’t cut it.

Still . . . when she’s hot she’s hot

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2 Responses to “The irritating thing about Maureen Dowd”

  1. Larkrise Says:

    She has depicted Cheney as the maniac he truly is.

  2. momodo Says:

    She’s attacked Cheney for three of the past four columns, so she seems to have some priorities.

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