Does God favor separation of church and stadium?

Let’s add things up: The Colorado Rockies were on fire heading into the World Series, having won 21 of their last 22 games.  Then, right before the Series began, the media was full of stories about the (previously reported) fact that the Rockies are “the closest thing Major League Baseball has to a faith-based club.”  Indeed,

The front office runs the franchise based on what it describes as Christian principles, and it consciously recruits players judged to have “moral values” and “character.”

Then just that suddenly, the Rockies were swept 4-to-zip in the World Series.

You almost have to wonder whether God was trying to tell us something.

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  1. Larry the Red Says:

    Well, the Rockies had eight days to pray for divine help in the Series, and look what it got them (taken from King Kaufman’s Salon column):
    “Boston outscored Colorado 29-10 in the four games. Red Sox starters had a 1.54 earned run average, Rockies starters had an 8.83. The Red Sox hit .333, the Rockies .218. The Red Sox had a .407 on-base percentage and slugged .525 for an OPS of .932. The Rockies had a .273 on-base percentage and slugged .346 for an OPS of .619.”
    I really don’t think He cared much, one way or the other.
    And speaking of Him, to those people in Southern California whose houses didn’t burn down and gave thanks to God for their good fortune, what do you tell your neighbors whose houses are now piles of ash?

  2. riglerej Says:

    Just coming out of the shadows to shed a little light on this “story”. The USA Today story that started this whole stupid thing (ummm, when did we start treating USA today like a legitimate source of info anyway) is well over a year old. Not only that, the Rockies, as a team, came out almost immediately to refute most of the story when it first made the news (see link below). At best, this recent reminiscence in the media was a pathetic attempt by some wacky fundies out there to take advantage of the Rockies’ very impressive end-of-and-post-season run to promote their own mis-guided agenda. Alas, the team with more post-season experience, and (as should surprise no one) the much larger payroll, won the World Series, and we Coloradoans will just have to remain satisfied with the NL pennant for the time being.,2777,DRMN_23924_4741695,00.html

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