Maureen Dowd at her absolute worst

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2 Responses to “Maureen Dowd at her absolute worst”

  1. Larkrise Says:

    Dowd and Arianna Huffington hate the Clintons. Truth to tell, I am not their most ardent fan. I just don’t cotton to Hillary. She plays too much footsie with her campaign contributors, is too polarizing, and her vote on invading Iraq still sticks in my craw. Still, if she wanted to stay with her hubbie, that is her personal business. Dragging out the Clinton’s dirty laundry is soooo tiresome and soooo predictable. Enough!

  2. momodo Says:

    I hope Dowd learns not to couch her feelings and let us know how she really feels{/end sarcasm}. I think MoDo sees Hillary’s toughness as strengths.

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