Welcome to the café!

Welcome to the new online digs of The Last Chance Democracy Café, home of the Liberal Burger. We hope you’ll stop by often to have a drink with The Three Wise Men, play a little Republican darts and, hopefully, give some thought to the diminishing status of democracy in America.

I’ll have more to say about that later, but I would be a poor host indeed if I didn’t start off by showing you around the place. I already mentioned Republican darts: Go here to toss a few games; it’s a blast. When you’re done, check out the menu, featuring such succulent dishes as our world famous Bleeding Heart Spareribs and that down home favorite, Antonin Scalia Original Intent Fried Chicken.

When you finish eating, give our one-of-a-kind Speech Jukebox a look, featuring many of the most inspirational speeches in American history, and a few that aren’t so inspirational. Or perhaps the Bushspeak Machine is more your speed: One of our more popular diversions in the lounge, the BS machine features “inspirational messages” from George W. Bush himself — well, in spirit anyway.

But we’re not done yet. There’s also “Dear Winston,” the café’s own liberal advice column. Want still more? Try visiting the “Café Regulars” page, with helpful background information on the people you’ll be meeting here in the café, browse through our collection of “Café Quotables” and dig into the onsite archive of all 46 previous episodes of The Last Chance Democracy Café.

And do continue checking back here on the main blog page, where, in addition to my posts, you’ll find ongoing commentary by each of The Three Wise Men. We may even convince our young college student friend, Zach, to jump in from time to time.

In celebration of the grand opening of the café web site, we are also posting (in three parts) the next installment in The Last Chance Democracy Café series, Episode 47, “I Can Still Remember Freedom.” In a marked departure from earlier episodes, which have generally chronicled contemporary events here in the café’s lounge, this one is set more than 60 years in the future, in an America where personal freedom and democracy have disappeared: Gone, not because some tyrant forcibly abolished them, but because the American people themselves, bit by bit over the years, gave them away.

It’s a vision that raises a troubling question — one that, at least to me, seems each day to become more pertinent to the state of our national character, and to the all important issue of how we as a people will respond when particularly difficult times come: Is freedom really still important to us? Or has it become, as one of the two lead characters in the story suggests, just too big of a bother?

We hope you’ll read the episode, and we’ll let you in on a little secret: If you do, you’ll find something there you may not be expecting, given the description to this point — hope. We’re big on hope here in The Last Chance Democracy Café. You see, I didn’t open this place to mourn the death of democracy. I opened it hoping to play at least a tiny part in helping to keep it alive.

Think of it: Fighting for democracy and having a rip snorting good time along the way! Now, what tavern has ever offered you a better deal than that?! So grab a chair: There’s one waiting for you in the middle of the action right next to the large round table!

See you there soon!

– Steve, proprietor of the café and the unofficial scribe for The Three Wise Men

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6 Responses to “Welcome to the café!”

  1. Blue Collar Says:

    I have a feeling this Cafe is going to become a very popular stop on the long journey back to the mythical land once known as America.

    If not, we’re all screwed!

  2. Larry the Red Says:

    Congratulations on this site, Mr. Day, and to BuzzFlash as well. I sure hope blue Collar is right, and I think he is. I’ll be visiting the Cafe often, and spreading the word about it.
    PS - Do I get a virtual free beer on my birthday?

  3. fluid Says:

    WOW! Are we home yet? Gulp. After last nights SOTU fiasco, what a soul salve to check out BuzzFlash and find this! Really excited. And i couldn’t have said it better than Blue Collar … we are indeed on a long journal to that mythical land … What we need here is to get Bill Moyers on board for some mentoring! Rally the forces!

  4. fluid Says:

    well, i’ll try again to post … WOW! is was so inexplicably great to see your announcement on BuzzFlash …. I’m in for the long haul …. Bill Moyers, where are YOU?

  5. bodhi99 Says:

    I am proud of you all for making it through that turd of a speech. Between the Orwell speak and the CNN cheerleading I couldn’t hang and bailed out. I have been reading When News Lies, (www.wmdthefilm.com) by Danny Schechter and after learning what the media has done to help get us into Iraq, I can’t stomach the combination.

  6. CCone Says:

    My 65 year old brother from Austin, TX turned me onto to this. I am a 51 year old woman, ex legal assistant now landman. I live in West Texas so oil and gas is where the careers are. I had to support a family of three, but that is another story. I didn’t chose oil and gas, it grabbed me. My father was Mayor of Bloomington, IL, ran for the Senate with the backing of Adalai Stevenson. We have him in our home movies. Dad was a Yellow Dog Democrat born in Arkansas. I try to pick whomever seems to be the lesser of two evils until now. This Internet Cafe is a great idea, and the internet is the People’s only honest medium left. Power to the People. I posted a comment on the Iran War article, and hope ya’ll read it. Thank you for this forum, and I look forward to the discourse.

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