Congress: go after Cheney not Roger Clemens

Thank the Lord in heaven — Congress is finally trying to make a lawbreaker pay the price! Guess who?

Is it Bush and Cheney for lying to Congress, thereby causing an unnecessary and disastrous war and leading directly to hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries?

Ah, well, no not exactly.

Okay, is it Alberto Gonzales for politicizing the Justice Department, and then lying about it before Congress?

Well, I can see where you might have thought that, but no, it’s something else.

How about the United States Attorneys scandal: are you finally pushing all the way to bring the perpetrators of that disgrace to justice?

No, actually on that one we’ve decided to just let the administration ignore our subpoenas for now.

Is it about the Bush Administration staining the honor of America through the use of torture, such as waterboarding, on alleged terrorism suspects then?

Sorry, still no cigar. Although come to think of it, a lighted cigar on the skin might work almost as well as waterboarding.

Then it’s got to be about unlawful surveillance, right?

You’re getting colder.

Okay, I give up. Just which of the many lawbreakers infesting this nation’s government are you guys going after?

You’re just going to love this one! This is big! We’ve set up a perjury trap for Roger Clemens on his personal use of steroids! Is that terrific, or what?!

You mean, sort of like the perjury trap Ken Starr set for Bill Clinton?


. . . And you think that’s what the American people in general, and the Democratic rank and file in particular, had in mind, in terms of what wrongs they wanted you to right, when they turned the Congress over to you?

Hey, someone else had already done Martha Stewart. What did you expect us to do?

I suppose answering “your job,” would be a waste of breath?

You’re one of those damn liberal bloggers, aren’t you?

Guilty as charged. And you know what? People like me have been working overtime trying to convince other progressives that it’s important to keep Democrats in control of Congress. And I have to tell you, you folks aren’t making our jobs any easier.

2 Responses to “Congress: go after Cheney not Roger Clemens”

  1. alwayshope Says:

    Good piece!
    You have made them look ridiculous. keep it up!
    Next thing you know, they’ll be having hearings on whether or not to commit Britney. (instead of Cheney)

  2. Chuck Says:

    Who’s Clemens & Britany?

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