Is there nothing too low for Fox News?

Yeah, I know, it’s a stupid question. But be honest, aren’t you just a little surprised that even Fox would go this far?

From a Fox News’ report on a Fox News’ poll.

Who is Usama Rooting For?

Who does Usama bin Laden want to be the next president? More people think the terrorist leader wants Obama to win (30 percent) than think he wants Clinton (22 percent) or McCain (10 percent). Another 18 percent says it doesn’t matter to bin Laden and 20 percent are unsure.

The pathetic truth is, if Obama does end up with the nomination, the wingnut-media complex really is going to push the Manchurian Candidate angle. I guess we can call it a test of our competence to live as citizens in a democracy. If anyone other than the far right nutcases buys into it, we flunk.

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  1. alwayshope Says:

    The Manchurian network will do their best to confuse and misinform their many loyal nitwits.
    It will be ugly but then everything they do is ugly or hateful or dishonest.
    MSNBC will be just as bad and then there’s Russert. TV news is a wasteland these days with no voice you can trust. It’s amazing in this age of instant information how ignorant people are about their world. We can thank FOX and the other so-called news programs for the propaganda that got us where we are today. I remember a few years ago hearing on NBC a report that 70% of Americans believed Iraq (Saddam) was responsible for 9/11. They had been connecting Saddam and 9/11 for weeks in every sentence out of their warmongering mouths and they were shocked SHOCKED to learn that people had made that false connection. They felt it their duty to report to us that we are foolish enough to believe what they say!
    God only knows what they will come up with for Obama. Pretty sure FOX will play the race card, tweety will demonize his wife and limpbaugh and coulter will claim bin laden and Obama went to school together.

    In the meantime……………………moron is still in our white house screwing us over………………this is going to be a long hot summer.

  2. Chuck Says:

    How about this scenario:

    Obama sweeps both Texas and Ohio. (Diebold machines have been outlawed every where in the U.S.,) McCain of course will take the old farts party and he asks Hillary to be V.P. She says yes. Just before election day McCain has a fatal heart attack and Hill becomes the de facto GOP presidential candidate.

    I think I’ll submit that to Fox. (I had to tie it in some way. You know how I hate to go off message.)

  3. Chuck Says:

    Because it happened at such a strategic time, and because she seemed to have jumped parties so quickly, it became known as “Oldfartgate”.

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