Barack Obama and the “white man’s burden”

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4 Responses to “Barack Obama and the “white man’s burden””

  1. Chuck Says:

    NEWS BULLETIN ! This being Leap Day, and the late start of Sadie Hawkins Day, Or maybe the early start of the next one, Laura changed the rules and ran AWAY from George. She figured if George can change the rules in the middle of the game, so can she.

  2. juliinjax Says:

    Dear Steve,
    Please read Naomi Klein’s excellent article in The Nation at

    entitled Obama, Being Called a Muslim Is Not a Smear

    Ms. Klein hits the nail on the head when she aptly observes that Obama has not only an opportunity, but an obligation to call out those trying to “smear him as a black Muslim”. One of the most attractive aspects of the Obama campaign is his refusal to be typecast as Any particular demograhic representative. In explaining to the frightened populace that he is not indeed a practicing Muslim, but rather a long practicing Christian, Obama is missing the opportunity to uncover the latent prejudice against all Muslims based on the actions of some radicalized terrorists who are not representative of the majority. Imagine if Tim Russert or others were asking Obama to denounce and reject support from AIPAC or other Jewish American support groups because of a whisper campaign that he might be (gasp) a secret Jew. Why do liberals keep playing by the same rulebook as the Swiftboating/Rove/Attwater style of divisive politics?
    Where is the fear of Muslims rooted? It cetainly goes back to the Iranian Hostage days, and was reinforced by the terrorist acts of binLadin, but Americans have been terrorized by the likes of Ted Kuzinsky and Timothy McVeigh without rounding up scores of bearded physicists and crew-cutted Gulf War vets. The fear of The OTHER is at the root of these insidious whisper campaigns, and as liberals and progressives, we must not fall for the trap of scapegoating Others merely for their differnces, but rather shed light on the fearmongering itself. ‘Nuff said!

  3. alwayshope Says:

    Well put, juliinjax.

  4. abbiemac Says:

    When Obama held a campaign rally in El Dorado, KS, shortly before Super Tuesday, only one of the three TV stations in Topeka sent a reporter. The fellow sent to report on Obama’s visit happens to be the only African-American reporter on staff at a local TV station. I don’t watch much TV, so it’s hard for me to say this particular reporter only appears to report on “black events” - but those are the only times I’ve seen him.

    Blatant racism is easy to spot, but sending the only black TV reporter in town to an Obama event and Russert hammering Obama about the Farrakhan endorsement, as only two examples, raises some serious questions about deep-seated racism so subtle that it can be easily denied, not only to others but to our own white selves.

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