Hillary’s kiss to McCain may become her own kiss of death

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10 Responses to “Hillary’s kiss to McCain may become her own kiss of death”

  1. alwayshope Says:

    I’ve been depressed and furious since Moron made torture the official policy of our country. I sent a letter to my senator (Lugar) yesterday that will probably get me locked up in some Gulag somewhere. (maybe I’ll run into Larkrise)
    I just don’t care about Hillary and Barak at the moment. Obama should take the high road here and campaign against McCain, forget about Hillary. He doesn’t do the personal attack thing well….he looks even more arrogant than Hillary when he does and he tends to piss me off. He needs to say something new also, I’m tired of the same old rhetoric….She voted for the war, I didn’t. She claims experience from just being a first lady but that doesn’t count, She would force heathcare down your hroat, I won’t. She is a monster, I’m not.
    Hillary has talked of them teaming up and she may settle for vice, he won’t, nor will he pick her for his vice. The team they could have with his bottom up people and her top down people, they would pound McCain in every state (except mine). Don’t see it happening though. I don’t think he is the team player he claims to be, unless he means playing for the other team about half the time (credit card Co., Blackwater, the death penalty, the fence on the border, nuclear energy, class action reform, impeachment or censure of bush) I’m not impressed with him any longer. Not crazy about Hillary either. Why didn’t Iowa pick Edwards?
    Whatever. I just don’t give a crap.
    I watched the morning shows yesterday….no mention of bush’s shameful veto. Maybe no one in this upside-down country of ours cares anymore but that only makes me more ashamed and angry. I’m sick of all of it. The candidates, the government, the cowardly and immoral congress, the white house resident who should be behind bars and even myself.
    What the hell does matter if we have become just like our enemy?
    All that the moron and his demon masters have done to our country, our honor, our economy and we don’t even demand his impeachment! We ask politely that he stop torturing people and he says go %$#@^& yourself and we say ..oh well, let’s just pretend it doesn’t happen, let’s believe it is done to keep us safe, let’s give up our souls just because it’s too damn hard to do the right thing.
    We are so screwed up. I’d feel sorry for our sorry butts if I wasn’t so mad.
    Screw it. I don’t care which of our candidates ends up winning the fight, my country lost the war when bush, again, claimed the power of a tyrant…..and we let him.
    Screw it!

  2. alwayshope Says:

    Here’s what the moron said when thanking the troops, March 3, 2008:

    “I appreciate the fact that you really snatched defeat out of the jaws of those who were trying to defeat us.”

    Dear God. A torturous, moronic decider-in-chief and NO ONE CARES!!!!!
    Sometimes I feel like I’m on another planet or I’ve lost my mind.

  3. alwayshope Says:

    Please write an episode about torture, about all the good things it does for us and how we can sleep at night knowing our leaders are protecting us like Jack Bauer, like every red-blooded American would do given half a chance.
    OR about how we have shamed ourselves by allowing a man of no honor or decency to undermine the very values and rights we ask our young men and women to kill and die for.
    Make me laugh, make me cry, make me care about something again.
    I am losing hope. (thinking about changing my nick to torturedsoul).

    From Steve: I am long past due on getting an episode up. I’ll try to do better. In the meanwhile, hang in there. Hope has a way of showing up unexpectedly in the strangest places. My guess is that when the whole story of this shameful affair is told there will be heroes as well as villains — people who stood their ground and said no, often at great personal risk.

  4. alwayshope Says:

    I just opened my email and got a newsletter from TomPaine.com.
    The first article was titled ” making the world safe for jack bauer”.
    From the first paragraph:
    ” it would be surprising except that openly defending torture is becoming all the rage in right wing circles”. !!!
    Aren’t these the values people? The God fearing bunch? Wasn’t Jesus tortured? These guys would be the ones torturing the poor guy if he showed up here. What a freaking country we live in.

    Okay, I’m done ranting.
    Steve, I need a beer…a tall, cold beer and keep ‘em coming.

  5. Chuck Says:

    Steve. Put those beers on my tab. I’m almost willing to to allow torture myself, but only for Bush & Cheney and those that approve of that medieval and useless form of interrogation.

  6. donscot Says:

    If Hilary is the Democratic candidate for president, I will vote for Nader. Prior to her embrace of McCain, I would have voted for her. She’s is a traitor to the party and to the nation.

  7. Miguel Lanigan Says:

    It should come as no surprise that Bush, who signed off on more executions in Texas than any governor before or since, would sign off on waterboarding and other forms of stress interogatioin:(torture). He called himself a compassionate conservative and a Christian who communicates with Jesus. I have an idea for a bumper sticker to go with his torture finding: “Who Would Jesus Torture Today?”

  8. juliinjax Says:

    How about a tall glass of truth? The invasion of Iraq cemented the albatross of guilt around all of our necks. Not all of us voted for it; millions of people of good conscience around the world and YES here in the good ol’ USofA protested against the invasion and have continued to protest the war, the endless war. The US (and peripherally the world) economy is in the tank because of the war and the shamelessness of the war profiteers. The depression and helplessness and hopelessness we all are experiencing are results of the unfettered greed and violence of this neverending war. The fear of the muslims is an integral part of the plan to continue this war and all the profits for the zombies of war, the Mammon worshipping, inhumane neocons. DON”T GIVE UP! DON”T GIVE IN! A super-majority of the American people hate this war and the people who enabled it and the people who slaver over their riches obtained at the suffering of all those harmed by it. DON”T FORGET THAT!!
    And don’t forget that it does matter who becomes President And Vice President. We have a chance to show how much of a differnce it makes. We have a chance to register our discontent, not only with BushCo, but with the Halliburtons, the Raytheons and the Blackwaters of this world. We have the chance to point the finger and utter J’ACCUSE to the McCains and all the Collaborators in this disgusting display of greed and triangulation and self-centered money and power worship. Donscot, don’t you dare vote for Nader– where the hell does he go between elections if he is so damned concerned about our Nation? Alwayshope, write to the Obama campaign and ask them why the candidate won’t denounce private military contractors. And Chuck, who better to be labeled enemy combatant and terrorist than the BushCo consortium? We all have the blues, but we are none of us alone in this, no matter what the MSM tries to tell us to the contrary. We are in the majority, and we will prevail.

  9. alwayshope Says:

    Leave it to juliinjax to interject some good sense and helpful suggestions and written beautifully.
    Juli, you are a great addition to this little cafe! Thanks. I just wrote to Obama about my concerns.
    I will, of course, vote Democratic no matter who is the nominee but I’m not excited by Obama. The “change we can believe in” will have to be proven with actions. I think he will win the nomination and then his pick for vice will be revealing. I’ll decide then if he is really progressive or just an impressive

  10. verushka Says:

    I certainly hope that you are right and that kiss of death is indeed a “virtual” kiss of death. Clinton doesn’t deserve any better after her latest comments, re Obama vice-presidency and those of her good friend Geraldina!

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