Anybody (who’s a Democrat) but Hillary

Honestly, I can hardly believe I’m saying these words — anybody but Hillary. It’s just so Richard Mellon Scaife, so “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

You might not have guessed it based upon what I’ve had to say lately, but once upon a time I was a hardcore Bill Clinton supporter. I also always held Hillary in very high regard. I can remember nodding my head enthusiastically when, during the 1996 Democratic Convention, Rev. Jesse Jackson said of Hillary Clinton, we must “protect the First Lady, too, from their mean-spirited attacks.”

I was thrilled when she was elected to the senate.

As recently as a few months ago, I was legitimately undecided as to who to support for the nomination.

For those of us who hung with the Clintons through all of the malicious attacks of the 90s, it’s hard to let go. I can remember my growing anger as the media breathlessly covered one right wing smear against Bill and Hillary after another. In fact, one of the first things I ever posted on the web was a rant against the media’s coverage of Clinton’s controversial pardon of Marc Rich. A brief quote shows just how much of a clintonista I once was:

No matter. As has always seemed to happen with Bill Clinton, what started as nothing more than rank speculation that wrong doing had occurred quickly grew into a presumption of wrong doing — based not on evidence, but on the intensity of the speculation itself. Many ultimately discredited allegations against Clinton worked their way up the journalistic food chain in just this way — Drudge in the morning, talk radio at lunch, Fox in the afternoon, then NBC, ABC and CBS later that night.

It was the same sad song, played again and again. Let’s all sing it together:

The rumor bone’s connected to the Drudge bone,
the Drudge bone’s connected to the Rush bone,
the Rush bone’s connected to the Fox bone,
the Fox bone’s connected to the MSNBC bone,
the MSNBC bone’s connected to the CNN bone,
the CNN bone’s connected to the pundit bone.
Now hear the word of the Lord.

But if it’s been hard to let go of the Clintons, it’s been getting steadily easier as the campaign’s worn on. The 3:00 A.M. ad was bad; the “Commander-in-Chief test” semi-endorsement of McCain was worse; and the seemingly endless “right on the edge” appeals to racial resentments were worse still.

None of this, however, was even in the same league as Hillary’s latest maneuvers in trying to reignite the Rev. Wright controversy in order to draw attention away from her own lies, while, at the same time, her campaign’s been busily distributing right wing propaganda suggesting that Barack Obama may be an anti-Semite.

As Atrios wryly notes in response to the latter development (speaking for many disgruntled former clintonistas):

Remember back in junior high, when you had that friend that the bullies picked on all the time? And you defended that friend, who really never did all that much for you, which led to you getting your ass kicked a few times yourself? And then you got to high school and your friend joined up with the bullies? It’s kind of like that.

As many other people have noted, Clinton is clearly waging a scorched earth campaign designed to achieve nothing less than the complete destruction of Barack Obama. She isn’t doing it out of personal animosity. While Hillary clearly doesn’t particularly like Obama, in the famous words of The Godfather, “It’s not personal. It’s business.” Destroying Obama is now her only chance of winning the nomination.

And if she destroys the Democratic Party’s chances of winning in November in the process, hey, shit happens.

A debate has been raging among liberal commentators over whether Hillary is deliberately trying to sabotage Obama’s chances in November in order to throw the election to McCain, thereby leaving her with a clean shot at the nomination in 2012. Personally, I don’t buy it. But the mere fact respected people are seriously entertaining this as a possibility, is evidence enough of just how divisive Hillary Clinton has become within the Democratic Party.

To nominate Clinton under these circumstances, in the face of a successful negative campaign to “destroy” Obama, would be suicidal. It simply can’t be allowed to happen.

Barack Obama will almost certainly end up being the nominee of the party, and that’s as it should be. So far, he’s taken Hillary’s best shots and come out — while perhaps wobbling a bit — definitely still standing. He’s inspired millions of new voters in a way no other potential candidate could possibly match. He offers the Democratic Party its best chance of building a lasting new majority (although at the same time he’s also one of the riskiest candidates the party could have turned to).

For better or worse, this is Barack Obama’s year.

But if something unexpected were to happen, leaving Obama a nonviable candidate, it would be a huge mistake to automatically turn to Hillary Clinton, especially if it’s her knife in Obama’s back that brought him down. That would tear the party apart. Besides, having lost in the battle for pledged delegates she is in no position to claim a right to the nomination.

I know I’ve touched on this before, but now I’m going to say it explicitly. Should this unlikely chain of events actually come to pass, someone other than Hillary, most likely Al Gore, will need to be the nominee.

If we do end up with a brokered convention, God forbid, let’s at least broker it wisely.    

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10 Responses to “Anybody (who’s a Democrat) but Hillary”

  1. june61 Says:

    Well we sure don’t have to worry about the right wing slandering of the Clintons. We now have the left wing slanders in full swing. Just one more reason that anyone with sense will change their party ties and go elsewhere. When a party destroys their own, it is time to change course and split the party. This Democratic Party has become worst than the right wing. Obama is given a free pass. His so called passionate speech on race was just another diversion from answering questions. It looks like all these left wing radicals will get their man and the results will be John McCain. The Democrats no longer fit the bill for a vision of a new American leadership. They might as well combine their smear machine and party politics with the Republicans. America really needs help with political parties like the Democrats and Republicans. Both are lost causes and now neither stands for anything other than their own self serving agenda!

  2. alwayshope Says:

    I’ve been trying to figure why I have become less mad at Hillary as this fight has gone on. I was firmly in Obama’s camp more than a year ago. I’ll vote for him without hesitation, however, I have admired the fight in Hillary and the way she takes the constant torrent of hateful language and bears all of Bill’s baggage as well as her own. Maybe they are a power couple who go too far to win. Maybe they should be defeated. So, go beat them Obama.

    My Dad has an article cut from the paper about the arrest of my great grand
    father for street fighting. He was 96 years old and his opponent was 87.
    They were jailed for public disturbance and brawling. It seems the other gentleman had said something against Teddy Roosevelt that ganddad Theodore violently objected to. Maybe it’s in my genes. Maybe I like a good fight.

    I don’t think the dirty fighting has even begun. The swiftboaters will be locked and loaded with Obama in their sights. Before this is done, Obama may wish he had Hillary at his back. The little pricks she’s inflicting now are nothing compared to the guided missiles he’s going to have to evade later.
    I also think that this “tearing apart” of the democrat party that has become so popular to worry about is just a decoy. What is tearing apart America is that Americans are forced to come to grips with their feelings about uncomfortable subjects we have managed to avoid for so long.
    We have a problem with racism. We have a problem with mysogyny. We talk about equality but when it’s time to walk our talk, we blame our faltering babysteps on the fear of showing disunity within the party. The truth is we are just as afraid as the GOP to address these issues that require such introspection and admission of shortcomings.
    To elect Obama would be a big step in denying that we are racist. To elect Hillary equally a long way toward denying that women belong behind their man. But it’s denial, underneath is still the problem. Katrina exposed the uglyiness live and in color and we managed to bury it. Abu Ghraib made us cringe but we manged to bury it and in fact that behavior is no longer even illegal if ordered by the decider. Some say the republicans are torn apart and many say the Democrats will be torn apart. Now seems to be the time to be torn. Self-examination will do that.
    Will we be so tired of the fighting among ourselves that we won’t have any fight left in us for McCain?
    I’ll fight on. I’ll do for Granddad.

  3. LanceThruster Says:

    I defended her a lot when WJC was running the show but she lost me long ago over a number of issues. Now she’s absolutely established that she’s unelectable. If I was doing an ad for McCain against her, I’d have Hill and Chelsea lookalikes running “serpentine” just like Peter Falk and Alan Arkin in “The In-Laws”. She has been running a scorched earth campaign and needs to drop out.

  4. fdarbe Says:

    I supported Bill in the White House. I supported Hillary for Senate. But we have a serial liar in the White House whose lies have killed 4000+ American soldiers and maybe a million Iraqis.

    We don’t need another liar in the White House.

  5. Chuck Says:

    Hope: Love the part about your great grandfather. I’m going to try to work that into one of my stories. And fight on woman! Somehow or another we have to fight back against racism, misogyny, and this elected dictatorship bullshit. I’m tired of the 1st 2 after all these years of fighting against both, but fight on I do; I’m not sure what can be done about the 3d. It vexes me.

  6. Larkrise Says:

    I have never been for Hillary for President. Now, she has scripted the Republican’s campaign for them. Hell hath no fury……but, I also blame the voters. They rejected John Edwards, who in poll after poll, was shown to be capable of beating McCain. They rejected him for a famous name and a new flavor. THEY did it. Now, we are stuck with two angry candidates, whomping on each other, both with very polarizing areas in their resumes. The Media is going to run Rev. Wright’s tirades from here to eternity. They are going to run Michelle Obama’s negative remarks, as well. You may not think that is fair or just, but it will happen. The Media will run Hillary’s confabulations about Bosnia and Northern Ireland and SCHIP until doomsday. You may not think that is fair or just, but it will happen. The Media will EMPHASIZE the split in the party, and how the party cant get it together. It will happen, day in and day out. I find this all so very discouraging. The Democratic Party had a sure thing and they have blown it. I hope we do have a brokered convention. I hope both Hillary and Barack are brokered out of the race. But, it wont happen. I am sick of egos and Big Heads and the idea that “Only I can save America!” If they wanted to save America, they both should drop out. Because, if John McCain wins, America is down the tubes, broke and broken, bankrupt economically and morally. The polls are showing increasing polarization: “If my candidate doesnt win the nomination, I wont vote,” kind of thing. My way or the highway. Well, people, the country is in a Hell of a mess. Somebody, somewhere had better come to terms with it instead of playing the politics of Gotcha or Grandiosity. That somebody had better be the American people because they ARE going to suffer the consequences of stupidity gone rampant.

  7. Again Says:

    And then you got to high school and your friend joined up with the bullies? It’s kind of like that. (Atrios)

    yes, happens much too often - i guess, it is something like the Stockholm syndrome (”A variant of Stockholm Syndrome includes cases of abusive parents and abusive siblings in which the victim, even after entering adulthood, still justifies the family abuse”)

    nothing to wonder about - if you believe in the winner mythology and if you are clever enough to realize, that you cannot win all the time, you will - inevitably - look for a protector. And if the only one who looks “strong enough” is a bully, you will take the bully. That is, why Janis Joplin sung “women is losers”, that is why troops of conquerors are often dependent on members of the conquered people, that is, why slavery works anyway - until today (think of illegal immigrants)….

    As many other people have noted, Clinton is clearly waging a scorched earth campaign designed to achieve nothing less than the complete destruction of Barack Obama. She isn’t doing it out of personal animosity.

    not out of personal animosity, sure - it is “out of personal experience”

    she was bathed in the winner mythology of Washington since 2003 - nothing else did count than winning - no mercy, no decency, no lifes, no souls, not even children

    forgotten the self-evident truth of “unalienableRights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness ” - for everyone, not only for a small group of naked apes, calling themselves “us” and the rest of the world “them”…

    actually, consider the isolation of Washington - even the leaders of foreign nations are just vassals, not worth to be heard. Best conditions for brain washing, for the Stockholm syndrome

    which - honestly - means, that you really cannot elect HC, she is, at least at the moment, not really free in her behavior, more like a Pavlov Dog. And who wants a Pavlov Dog for president?


    America really needs help with political parties like the Democrats and Republicans


    needs help? Who should do that? Another country - sure not, i can already hear the outcry! Another leader to lead “the free people”? Makes no sense, does it?


    We have a problem with racism. We have a problem with mysogyny. We talk about equality but when it’s time to walk our talk, we blame our faltering babysteps on the fear of …

    you say it - it is about “we” - leaders are made by the people despite all the winner fairy tales told. It is just mammal strategy, combined with something like an ounce of intelligence (s. Konrad Lorenz, the making of alpha chimps ;-) ) - we, all the people on Earth, be it in family, company or nation, have the “leaders” we deserve

    Will we be so tired of the fighting among ourselves that we won’t have any fight left in us for McCain?

    totally agree - if we allow us to become victims of the Stockholm Syndrome, we soon march in lock step behind some dear leaders


    I’m not sure what can be done about the 3d

    get down to the root of the trouble - doubt everything! Nothing is self-evident in a human culture - no gods, no thoughts, no hopes

    one of the most perplexing things about high intelligence is that it can learn everything - it just has to be information = repeatable, identifiable action

    you only have to feed a brain repeatable with the same recognizable stuff - and then it will accept it as truth, especially in isolation, when it is not possible to verify/falsify it (like living in childhood or in Washington or in captivity, be it by force or by culture)

    intelligence learns everything - even the greatest nonsense. That is the power of intelligence - and its curse…

    so - doubt everything!

  8. Chuck Says:


    I think I remember that fight between your great grandad and my grandad. (Kind of ages me doesn’t it?) Anyhow, grandad and I were down at the town square one day listening to that terrible music from the band in the gazebo when he got into a conversation with your great-grandad about Teddy and the incursion into Cuba and his bid for the presidency. well one thing led to another, the talk got louder and louder, and the next thing I knew one hit the other. (I think it was more of a slap than a fist , but i was so young I don’t quite remember,) anyhow they were soon down on the grass wrestling each other until the local police came to break it up and hauled them away to the jail. Of course since they had been childhood friends they finally cooled off and were so ashamed of themselves that they went back to the to the square and publicly apologized to each other and all those present. They remained close friend until the end of their lives. Teddy was never brought up again.

  9. alwayshope Says:


    So that was your granddad! I shoulda known.

  10. LanceThruster Says:

    It is incredible that the media is not looking into Hillary’s prayer group, “The Fellowship” with many prominent GOP attendees as well. The Wayne Madsen piece link shows just how far back their chicanery goes, yet Hillary has not walked out on them as she said she would if Wright was her pastor.




    The pro-Hillary site TN Guerilla Woman pulled these links because it shows just how weak her position is on this and the hypocrisy of throwing stones.

    For religionists worried about the appropriateness of damning America (I’m atheist myself), the OT (Genesis) states that God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Isreal, yet no one seems to be making any linkages with the candidates and the concept of American damnation should it not sufficiently kowtow to Israel.

    I thought most of Wright’s points were valid. As far as his conspiracy theories, skepticism is an admirable trait even if one turns out to be mistaken. Hillary talked of the vast right wing conspiracy and though Bill actually was engaged in an affair, she was absolutely correct on the point that the Reich Wing was making a concerted effort to bring down the president.

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