The Café Political Trivia Game

Welcome to Political Trivia, a new semi-regular feature here at The Last Chance Democracy Café.  Have fun! Check your knowledge! Win a free virtual T-shirt!

If you feel like it, post your score in the comments.

1. Name the one state George McGovern won in the 1972 presidential election.

2. Name the one state Walter Mondale won in the 1984 presidential election.

3. Name the best thing about Bush stealing the 2000 election from Al Gore?

4. What was the name of the boat that played a major role in the scandal that drove Gary Hart out of the 1988 presidential race?

5. What product brand did John Ashcroft use to anoint himself when he became Attorney General?

6. Which major party presidential candidate flew 35 missions in World War II as part of a combat group that lost over half of its planes and crews?

7. Which former Democratic New York City mayor endorsed George W. Bush for reelection?

8. Name Barry Goldwater’s 1964 vice presidential running mate.

9. What was the unofficial name given to the National Guard unit George W. Bush joined to avoid being sent to Vietnam?

10. What right wing windbag described, in glowing terms, the violent intimidation of Miami-Dade election officials during the short lived 2000 presidential vote recount as a “bourgeois riot?”

11. Name the disastrous photo op that helped to doom Michael Dukakis’s 1988 presidential campaign.

12. What was Dan Quayle’s response in 1988 to Lloyd Bentsen’s saying of him, “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy?”

13. Who was the reclusive billionaire who financed a series of investigations known as the Arkansas Project, designed to damage Bill Clinton’s presidency? 

14. Who owns the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, which endorsed Hillary Clinton in the Pennsylvania primary following a personal appeal for support from the candidate herself?

15. Who said, “A tree’s a tree. How many more do you need to look at?”

(Answers after the break)

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1. Massachusetts

2. Minnesota

3. Joe Lieberman didn’t become vice president (yes, this is a matter of opinion, as opposed to fact, but does anyone disagree?)

4. Monkey Business

5. Crisco cooking oil

6. George McGovern

7. Ed Koch (he’s supporting Hillary Clinton this time)

8. New York Congressman William E. Miller

9. The “Champagne unit.”

10. Paul Gigot, Wall Street Journal

11. Riding in a tank

12. “That was really uncalled for, Senator”

13. Richard Mellon Scaife

14. Richard Mellon Scaife

15. Ronald Reagan

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