Does Obama have superdelegates stashed?

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3 Responses to “Does Obama have superdelegates stashed?”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Nothing about presidential fictions, but while it’s on my mind yet again, has it ever occurred to anyone that “inhumane” is a bit of an oxymoron? Is there any cruelty perpetrated in the rest of the animal Kingdom less humane than what humans have done to their own kind, as well as to other animal species?

  2. Larkrise Says:

    Obama is a rumor magnet, because he is a history-making figure. He isnt the typical party hack. He is enticing young people to shed their apathy and vote. He has charisma. He is very intelligent. He has shaken things up. This makes him an object of endless speculation. It also makes him the target of rumor-mongers and hatemongers. People say they want change; but they are afraid of it. It is like wearing an old pair of comfortable shoes that are actually bad for your feet. They need to be discarded; and new, correctly fitting ones purchased. Yet, the old ones keep being worn. Change takes courage, determination, and hard work. It is not the path of least resistance. So the rumor mongers spread rumors out of fear, anxiety, and weakness.

  3. juliinjax Says:

    Chuck, there’s a big difference between human and humane. But yes, it does seem to imply the beast versus human, and I agree that humans are the cruelest animals of all.

    Larkrise, you’ve gotten to the root of it. This movement is really big, yet subtle, a glacier of coolth, grinding slowly and relentlessly forward. It’s got to be scary for those who never saw it coming, as well as those who have been burned so before, they are unwilling to risk another heartache. The Obama campaign has in all practicality by-passed the political machinery in an exponential fashion, rendering it obsolete. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt!

    I think we’ve all known for a while now that playing by the Republican rules would never end in a victory, yet we kept trying, often by mimicking the Repugs to try to garner just enough votes to squeak by in the next presidential election. Never worked, won’t work, won’t ever work. Obama has been saying this from the start. Maybe people will start to really listen.

    And Steve, remember the John Edwards endorsement and the EXCELLENT timing of it? I would not put it past Obama and his campaign to be stockpiling delegates, asking them not to declare just yet, out of RESPECT for Senator Clinton, and the final states’ and Territory’s voters. He can afford to be magnanimous, and then deus ex machina, deliver the HUMANE (for Chuck) and lethal blow on Tuesday evening or Wednesday, to finally put this primary season to bed. And there’s always the possibility that Puerto Rico and South Dakota will not be as positive for Obama as the campaign would like, so why not hold an ace back, in case you need to refocus the media attention, just the way the Edwards endorsement did after West Virginia’s thumping of Obama. I hope it is just my devious mind rambling on, but it would not surprise me. David Axelrod is an Ad Man after all.

    By the time you all are reading this, the DNC Bylaws and Rules Committee has voted on the Florida and Michigan delegates, but of course Harold Ickes has left the door open to appeal the decision on Michigan’s primary delegate distribution to the Credentialling Commitee AT THE CONVENTION. Still not over, folks. Wonder if Al Gore will endorse Obama tonight at the big DNC fundraiser in New York?

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