Just how does a librarian give “full support” to a mayor?

When introduced to Sarah Palin, many of us, whether fairly or unfairly, formed the first impression that she was a bit of a lightweight. The more we get to know her, however, the more she seems something quite different — more along the lines of a petty tyrant.

And the big problem with this, of course, is that a president (she will be a heartbeat away and all that), as opposed to a mayor of a small town or even a governor of a sparsely populated state, cannot, by definition, be a petty tyrant. No, in a president, tyranny is a very unpetty deal.

So let’s turn to one of the starker examples of Palin’s seemingly tyrannical tendencies, Librariangate.  Shortly after becoming mayor of the town of Wasilla, she tried to fire the town’s librarian. She appears to have done this because the librarian refused to cooperate with her efforts to ban books (perhaps to please the ultraconservative church that helped her get elected). Palin denies this, of course, contending, instead, that the librarian in question simply failed to give her “full support” as mayor.

Which leads to the obvious question: Just how does a librarian give “full support” to a mayor? By allowing her to check out more than three books at one time? Waiving the fine for her overdue books? Adding a moose meat recipe book the mayor loves to the library’s collection? Not saying “shush” when the mayor talks in the library?

Come on Charlie, try to find a little time during that softball interview you have coming up to ask the would-be VP: just exactly what support was she looking for from “Madam Librarian?”

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  1. Larkrise Says:

    Palin is petty, shallow, vicious, and self-serving. A perfect pick for the Right Wing. No wonder McPain was so impressed with her. It was, however, an astute choice. You see, it let all the closet-racists off the hook. Many of them are the Coach Handbag carrying, SUV driving, white, upper-middle class suburbanites. Traditionally, they have been Republicans. After all, if one wants to be socially prominent, wants to be seen as well-to-do and in the Junior League Set, then one must be Republican. Of course, and however, one should be politically correct, too. So, Obama was a problem for them. They dont want to appear small-minded, although they cringe every time African-Americans move into their neighborhoods. They carry within them the fear, that city newspapers perpetuate, by headlining all the Black on Black crime in the inner cities. Occasionally, it is Black on White crime, and this really terrifies them. They have formed dogged stereotypes. They do not wish to hear about the socioeconomic forces that aid and abet the formation of criminals. They do not care about inner city school failures. Like Bush, they think all poor people need to do for healthcare and drug addiction is go to the city hospital emergency room. They fear that Obama represents African-Americans taking over the country and becoming “uppity.” Still, it wouldnt be nice to say these things too loudly. Now, the choice of Sarah Palin gives them the perfect out. They would not have voted for Obama anyway. Many would have stayed at home on election day. Nevertheless, they wouldnt tell a pollster that. No, they would say they were undecided. So much nicer to say that. Then, here comes Sarah, and these women come out of the woodwork. They have their excuse. They have their OUT. McPain gave it to them on a silver platter. The wiley old Fox and his foxy gun moll.
    If we have 4 more years of Bush/Conservative economic policies, many of these idiots wont have a pot left to , well, you know. But, connecting dots, thoughtful analysis, and facing reality are not their forte. They cant even figure out that McPain and Paleface will reinstitute the draft, if at all possible, (and with Pelosi and Reid, it is possible) and their soccer darlings will have to fight the oil wars.
    “How many times do you have to get hit over the head, until you figure out who the guy is that’s hitting you?” HST This is my greatest fear: All the fools out there will continue to refuse to look and see who is hitting them over the head. Still, I will hope for the best, or try to, anyway.

    Welcome back, Steve. It is great to be able to read your commentary again. It gives me hope that not all intelligent life has left the planet.

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