Palin is Dick Cheney in pumps

If you haven’t read The New York Times’ in-depth exposé on Sarah Palin’s leadership style in Alaska, read it now. It’s a long piece, but well worth the reading. 

Josh Marshall has a good overview of the article:

(It shows Palin to be) a small-minded person who populates her administration with cronies and grade-school friends, fires those who dare to criticize her and uses the power of her office to pursue personal vendettas. In other words, someone in the habit of abusing official power who should not be let within a mile of being president. 

Remind you of someone? Yup, Dick Cheney.

Seriously, I strongly recommend against going hunting with this woman.

She might shoot you in the face.

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  1. Larkrise Says:

    Yes, she calls herself a “pitbull with lipstick.” I can think of a more appropriate description; but it isnt socially polite. I feel absolutely catty when I listen to her. She screeches, like a howling harpie from Hell. Her voice grates on my nerves. Her smug little remarks are disgusting. She is full of herself. She has flattered herself by accepting McCain’s misanthropic choice. It is one thing to have self-confidence. It is quite another to totally fail to recognize your own limitations. She is, indeed, the female version of Deadeye Dick. What a wonderful legacy he is leaving us………….not! One more small-minded, narcissistic, piece of work for VP. The Peter Principle prevails.

  2. marmstrong57 Says:

    My wife and I discuss this often - is it only the sociopaths that are successful in the upper echelons of the corporate/political world? Why are so many of the Republican base enamored with people like her? Don’t they see that they are the ones hurt the most by the insane policies of the neocons?

  3. Bring back the pistol duel | No Treason Says:

    [...] Palin is Dick Cheney in pumps [...]

  4. alwayshope Says:

    I’ve been reading through the comments and it seems no one wants to talk about the real problem we have.
    Obama screwed up. If he had picked Hillary, we would be way up in the polls and Palin would be moose hunting.
    Why didn’t he? Arrogance? Fear? I’d like to know if she turned him down or if he didn’t even ask. He didn’t care about her 18 million supporters and took them for granted. He left the door wide open for the GOP to show their ruthless brilliance, grab the strong woman mantle and excite their party. He listened to the GOP and picked a guy with experience to balance his lack of it, they were thrilled and once again outfoxed us.
    We have to admit it. With Hillary he would have had a real fighter, a strong woman and a savvy partner.
    I had a few republican friends who were considering Obama because they didn’t like McCain but now that he has chosen a woman who can shoot and field dress a moose, they have gone back to the dark side. This woman is also the excuse the closet racists have been looking for to vote against Obama.
    Obama is the leader of our proudly diverse party and yet he takes women for granted, disses the computer illiterate and gives ground on change and reform everyday.
    After the primary, I felt okay that I had voted for Obama because I liked him and he was going to bring change. I also really liked Hillary and wanted her to win. I staggered back and forth for a long time and finally decided to support Barak because he was going to win anyway and it was time I got on board, because his message of hope was compelling and because I was dizzy from all the drunken staggering.
    I gotta say now, I know we can’t have a do-over, I know Joe is a good guy and a good pick and I know Obama will be a good president, but I also know that he gave away the opportunity to shatter the glass ceiling. And he gave it to the only people who can make it appear to shatter while at the same time, patch it up with reinforced steel.
    How come we’re so dumb?

  5. alwayshope Says:

    My Dad is getting better, little by little. I’ll still be staying with him for a while so I can’t check in often. My Dad controls the remote so the only news I get is FOX. O’Lielly, Blitzer and those horrible Republican women whose names I block from my memory. I’m lucky though, so far my head hasn’t exploded and I can always just sit outside in the evening and listen to the frogs. They are beginning to make more sense to me than anything else I hear.
    (Chuck probably understands that)

    My previous post may show a little weariness and regret but I guess that’s life. Sometimes enthusiasm can’t be found no matter how hard you look.
    Obama has done absolutely nothing to enthuse me lately, he has only caved in to whatever the GOP wants from him. Right now, Palin is teflon and if that sticks, he’ll need someone who can attack that teflon-lipstick coated pit bull………..I’m thinking Hillary? He needs her now, he knows it. Maybe he is having a little weariness and regret of his own.
    I know I’m going to catch hell from everybody because I’m down on Obama, but my answer in my defense will be about a week late. By then maybe this drunken sailor will have found a reason to get excited about this never-ending campaign of trivia and lies. I hope so.

  6. Chuck Says:

    Hope: yes, I do understand.

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