Hell of a defense, Sarah, really, first rate

The rocket scientists handling damage control for Sarah Palin have come up with yet another excuse . . . I mean defense . . . in the Troopergate scandal. Palin didn’t fire the state’s public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan, because he refused to fire her former brother-in-law, they explain. Heaven forbid — nothing could be further from the truth.

No, the reason she fired Monegan was because he was overly zealous — to the point of insubordination — in insisting on pursuing federal funding to help with Alaska’s epidemic of sex offenses, including, in particular, sex crimes against children. Palin, it seems, had other priorities.

Wow, hell of a defense, Sarah, really — sort of like confessing to a murder in order to establish an alibi in a burglary trial.

Firing a law enforcement official because he was overly aggressive in seeking resources to fight sex crimes against children would be politically dicey under the best of circumstances: but for Palin this is anything but the best of circumstances. Remember, this is the same Sarah Palin who, as mayor of Wasilla, either acquiesced in or actively supported a requirement that rape victims pay for their own rape kits (used to collect evidence at the hospital).

Apparently this is that new face of right wing “feminism” we’ve been hearing so much about — contempt for the rights of rape victims combined with disinterest in fighting sex crimes.   

Sounds like a winner to me.

Now, given that this is about the fourth excuse Palin has offered for firing Monegan, there’s good reason to suspect it isn’t true anyway. Taking into account everything we’ve learned about her, including her long history of using the public trust to settle personal scores, it’s probably more likely that it was, in fact, Monegan’s refusal to play along with her vendetta against her sister’s ex that sealed the deal.

Still, the very fact that Palin and her minions thought that using Monegan’s alleged “insubordination” in seeking federal funding to fight sex crimes would be a politically winning response to the charges leveled against her says something — something quite troubling — not only about her judgment, but also about her humanity.    

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  1. Again Says:


    she’s making me curious - more and more - about the result of the election…

    it’s said, that nations have the leaders they deserve

    John “ready to do whatever it takes to win” McCain and Sarah “Fifth Column against Femnism” Palin - the new leaders of America?

    what a mess…

  2. marmstrong57 Says:

    I really don’t understand this - I guess I’m just being thick-headed. How do these politicians ever hope to gain any respect as long as they continue to flaunt the law. We are supposed to be a society that values the rule of law and yet, every time high-ranking officials are accused of some shady activity, all of a sudden they all start screaming it’s political.

  3. willymack Says:

    How do the rethugs find these mindless twits, anyway? Give the thought of palin ascending the throne after the demise of chimunk cheeks a little time, and see if you can keep your lunch down. One has to wonder what the REAL plan the neocrooks have cooked up this time is.

  4. VettaKing Says:

    I have a theory that Sarah Palin just might not be the brightest bulb in the box. I know, I know. Criticizing the hockey mom in anyway is nothing but sexist in nature.

  5. juliinjax Says:

    Thought I’d share this with all of you. Not mine, but says all I would say about Sister Sarah:

    “Drill, Drill, Drill

    I am having Sarah Palin nightmares. I dreamt last night that she was a member of a club where they rode snowmobiles and wore the claws of drowned and starved polar bears around their necks. I have a particular thing for Polar Bears. Maybe it’s their snowy whiteness or their bigness or the fact that they live in the arctic or that I have never seen one in person or touched one. Maybe it is the fact that they live so comfortably on ice. Whatever it is, I need the polar bears.

    I don’t like raging at women. I am a Feminist and have spent my life trying to build community, help empower women and stop violence against them. It is hard to write about Sarah Palin. This is why the Sarah Palin choice was all the more insidious and cynical. The people who made this choice count on the goodness and solidarity of Feminists.

    But everything Sarah Palin believes in and practices is antithetical to Feminism which for me is part of one story — connected to saving the earth, ending racism, empowering women, giving young girls options, opening our minds, deepening tolerance, and ending violence and war.

    I believe that the McCain/Palin ticket is one of the most dangerous choices of my lifetime, and should this country choose those candidates the fall-out may be so great, the destruction so vast in so many areas that America may never recover. But what is equally disturbing is the impact that duo would have on the rest of the world. Unfortunately, this is not a joke. In my lifetime I have seen the clownish, the inept, the bizarre be elected to the presidency with regularity.

    Sarah Palin does not believe in evolution. I take this as a metaphor. In her world and the world of Fundamentalists nothing changes or gets better or evolves. She does not believe in global warming. The melting of the arctic, the storms that are destroying our cities, the pollution and rise of cancers, are all part of God’s plan. She is fighting to take the polar bears off the endangered species list. The earth, in Palin’s view, is here to be taken and plundered. The wolves and the bears are here to be shot and plundered. The oil is here to be taken and plundered. Iraq is here to be taken and plundered. As she said herself of the Iraqi war, “It was a task from God.”

    Sarah Palin does not believe in abortion. She does not believe women who are raped and incested and ripped open against their will should have a right to determine whether they have their rapist’s baby or not.

    She obviously does not believe in sex education or birth control. I imagine her daughter was practicing abstinence and we know how many babies that makes.

    Sarah Palin does not much believe in thinking. From what I gather she has tried to ban books from the library, has a tendency to dispense with people who think independently. She cannot tolerate an environment of ambiguity and difference. This is a woman who could and might very well be the next president of the United States. She would govern one of the most diverse populations on the earth.

    Sarah believes in guns. She has her own custom Austrian hunting rifle. She has been known to kill 40 caribou at a clip. She has shot hundreds of wolves from the air.

    Sarah believes in God. That is of course her right, her private right. But when God and Guns come together in the public sector, when war is declared in God’s name, when the rights of women are denied in his name, that is the end of separation of church and state and the undoing of everything America has ever tried to be.

    I write to my sisters. I write because I believe we hold this election in our hands. This vote is a vote that will determine the future not just of the U.S., but of the planet. It will determine whether we create policies to save the earth or make it forever uninhabitable for humans. It will determine whether we move towards dialogue and diplomacy in the world or whether we escalate violence through invasion, undermining and attack. It will determine whether we go for oil, strip mining, coal burning or invest our money in alternatives that will free us from dependency and destruction. It will determine if money gets spent on education and healthcare or whether we build more and more methods of killing. It will determine whether America is a free open tolerant society or a closed place of fear, fundamentalism and aggression.

    If the Polar Bears don’t move you to go and do everything in your power to get Obama elected then consider the chant that filled the hall after Palin spoke at the RNC, “Drill Drill Drill.” I think of teeth when I think of drills. I think of rape. I think of destruction. I think of domination. I think of military exercises that force mindless repetition, emptying the brain of analysis, doubt, ambiguity or dissent. I think of pain.

    Do we want a future of drilling? More holes in the ozone, in the floor of the sea, more holes in our thinking, in the trust between nations and peoples, more holes in the fabric of this precious thing we call life?

    by Eve Ensler, a highly respected playwright, actor and activist to stop violence on women.

    September 5, 2008″

  6. Again Says:


    Criticizing the hockey mom in anyway is nothing but sexist in nature.

    ;-) don’t care about that - criticizing an anti feminist isn’t sexist, no matter, which gender this anti feminist offers your eyes

    and thanks, juliinjax, for “Eve Ensler” - exactly what i think….

    btw: do you know Cute Knut, the (ex-) young polar bear?

    Maybe you should try to find some cute polar bear babies - and tell the people THEN, how Sarah cares about them. You know “A picture is worth a thousand words”

    But everything Sarah Palin believes in and practices is antithetical to Feminism


    it is so ridiculous, isn’t it? But actually, our current sexist world could not exist without support of females. They form bodies and minds of the children, the foundation of every civilization….

    as the the division of the world into poor and rich could not exist without the support of the poor - so many poor, so few rich people, aristocracies/elites wouldn’t have a chance to “redirect” the wealth from the mass without the help of the mass. Remember George Bernard Shaw? “A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.”

    or think of the Germans - Immanuel Kant, the Great: “One is responsible for this immaturity and dependence, if its cause is not a lack of intelligence or education, but a lack of determination and courage to think without the direction of another. Sapere aude! Dare to know!”

    versus the nonsense, pure bullshit of Hitlers “Mein Kampf” - and they fell prey to the dementia, despite the fact, that they could have known better…

    the problem is?

    the greatness of our brains!

    It sounds weird, but that it is: Brains can learn everything - everything, even the utterest bullshit ever….

    that is, what brainwashers know and use - because the only protection of brain against learning bullshit is: Reality, so necessary for permanent verification…

    So the first rule of brainwashing is always: Disconnect your victim from reality, then you can feed the brain of the victim with the pseudo reality you faked - just be aware of how information is: identifiable and repeatable, means that you have to fake always the same reality (”Tell a lie often enough and the people will believe it” - Adolf Hitler). Then each and every brain MUST learn what you want it to learn, because to survive brains are optimized to accept reality (or what they believe it to be), even if they do not like it

    think of each leadership, trying always to control education and the media, think of the isolation, islamic women are kept in - the “body prison” burqa not even allowing the slightest contact with the outside world, so they have to believe, what their fathers, husbands and sons tell them - and they have to take it…

    and that is, how girls learn, that women are untermenschen, not worth to be respected - the girls learn it from their families. Families, who should protect them as babies, the helpless and needy little humans, forced to follow the program of evolution to trust in their parents (simply because babies cannot do much else to survive)…

    i guess, i understood that as i once looked in the eyes of a silent Indian girl, as she realized, that her father would always betray her in favor of his son - it was pure, plain sadness and loneliness in big dark eyes, heartbreaking…

    so i guess, Sarah Palins father was a gun loving hunter, elitist and sexist while her mother was a second “Laura Bush” - so the girl felt ashamed of her mother and focused on the father - and to please him she copied him and his “logic”…

    would - btw - explain her reduced intellectual skills - she simply cannot afford that…

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