Question of the day: Republican incompetence or pure evil genius?

Ah, how the wages of the last seven years of GOP sin and malfeasance haunt us.

It would seem, for example, that in addition to the hundreds of billions of dollars we’ve pissed away (and continue to piss away) in a stupidly conceived of war in Iraq, we may now end up pissing away hundreds of billions of dollars to shore up our failing financial system (resulting from lax regulatory practices).

When you consider the backbreaking amount of debt that’s being created by these expenditures (all made necessary by conservative Republican blunders), clearly, even if Obama and the Democrats win, there won’t be enough money left to carry out the type of massive progressive reforms needed.

You’ve got to give the right wing some credit here: they not only win when they win; they also somehow find a way to win when they lose.

So what do you think? Which best explains the last seven years of Republican misrule — incompetence or pure evil genius?


4 Responses to “Question of the day: Republican incompetence or pure evil genius?”

  1. Again Says:

    incompetence or pure evil genius?

    how about decadence?

  2. Gordon Says:

    Incompetence and the pure evil of greed and disdain for the Constitution, rule of law, and everybody but themselves. No genius about it.

    The fact that all their malfeasance is coming to a head at once is just blind luck. Bad for them, actually good for the rest of us in the long run. The short run has and is going to hurt a lot of folks of course, but the bastards will hopefully be out of power for at least a generation and give this country a chance to recover.

  3. bettysdad Says:

    Republicans possess every negative personality trait humans can have.

    They are the true evil.

  4. VettaKing Says:

    The money could be made back. Stop the drug war. Stop the Iraq war. Stop spending money on a military we don’t need. We have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the earth 10 times over, we’re safe from being taken over by a foreign army. Nationalize cigarette companies. People should be able to poison themselves if they want, but why should a company profit from poisoning the population. That’s a start.

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