The talking heads are such twits (VP debate edition)

No one with an ounce of objectivity could doubt that Biden smoked Palin. Sure, she didn’t completely fall on her face: but did anyone really expect that would happen in this non-confrontational debate format? Still, she seemed ill-informed, nonresponsive and, frankly, disingenuous in her BS folksiness.

Biden came across as competent and both right and knowledgeable on the issues.

Yet, there were the talking heads strongly implying that at worst (for Palin) it was a tie, and at best she won big time.

Alas, according to the snap polls the public doesn’t agree. Who knows? Maybe the American people are looking for a VP who can do more than just get through a debate without making a total fool of herself. Who knows? Maybe being competent and right and knowledgeable on the issues matters after all.

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  1. Larkrise Says:

    The bar had been lowered so far, that if Palin spoke English in a coherent manner, she would have been considered successful. Palin DID NOT win the debate. She was able to handle herself without a major flub, and stayed in the game. But her demeanor was glib, terribly rehearsed, disingenuous, superficial, and too cute by half. In other words, she is a phony. She answered the questions without any depth. She played her part, made her sales pitch, and tried to be clever. She wasnt. In fact, she reminds me of a fellow on local TV here in Indy, who owns several car dealerships. His name is Andy Mohr. He looks to be in his early 40’s; and is probably richer than Croesus. He likes to do his own TV advertising spots. He has an irritating timbre to his voice; but speaks well. I wouldnt trust him any farther than I could throw him; but he sells lots of cars. Sarah Palin came on like a pitch-woman. She is determined and glib. That still does not make her qualified to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Joe Biden is obviously better qualified. He handled himself well. He displayed his experience; and that should be valued. His answers had facts behind them.
    Unfortunately, far too many people in this country never get beyond the superficial. They fell for Bush’s folksy patois; and Palin laid that on thick. I find it highly irritating and,again, phony. Her father is a retired school teacher. Her family is NOT “Joe Six Pack” working class. Her husband never went to college; because his family owned a successful fishing business. He evidently didnt value education enough to get beyond the family business. Working Class is composed of folks who work in factories, auto repair, restaurants, store clerks, etc. Some must work 2+ jobs to make ends meet. Sarah Palin has NEVER been one of them. My Grandfather was one of them. He farmed and worked in a factory after the Depression. I resent her using the Working Class as window dressing for her campaign.
    I digress. (My annoyance with Palin is blatant.) Ronald Reagan was another phony. The Sheeple adored him. To hear the Repugs tell it, you would think he walked on water. Instead, he left us (and California) with an enormous deficit, deadly deregulation, and a stupid mini-war in Grenada. He looked good. He made great speeches. He was self-assured and charming. He acted the part of President. His last four years, he had Alzheimers. Period. But, the public worshipped the man. I hope, like Steve, that this time they would rather have someone who is intelligent, capable, and makes informed, objective decisions. “Joe Six Pack” can go have a beer with his buddy Billy Joe Bob.

  2. juliinjax Says:

    You nailed it, Larkrise, with this one:

    He has an annoying timbre to his voice; but speaks well. I wouldn’t trust him any farther than I could throw him; but he sells lots of cars…

    What else can McSame Failin’ offer but the used BushCo agenda-mobile, repainted with Stars and Stripes and crucifixes and slaughtered wolves. What else have they got? They have NUTHIN!

    Except perhaps the fantasy of a girly-sexy, rifle-totin’, fecund fur-draped snow queen who can talk about the RAPE of the arctic and DRILLIN’ for oil with a wink and a smirk. What a wonderful role model for our teenaged daughters.

    I choose to have hope and faith in the electorate; that we won’t buy the gas-guzzling, oil-burning, future destroying S(hamefully) U(ntenable) Vehicle these smarmy, Greedy One Percenters are trying to foist on US.

  3. Larkrise Says:

    Dear juliinjax, I love your description of Palin. It hits the nail right on the head. In a state where the environment should be a top priority, this creature wants to do as much brutal harm as possible. Her treatment of wolves and polar bears speaks volumes about her lack of character. All of those pictures of her with guns are disgusting. It is so demeaning in its sexual implications. The woman has no dignity.Marie Cocco wrote that Palin is harming women with her behavior; and I would certainly have to agree.

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