I guess folksy people don’t have to pay taxes

It looks like Sarah Palin fudged a bit on her taxes. You remember those travel per diems she used to claim even when she was staying in her own home. It seems she didn’t mention them to the IRS.

This isn’t go to jail stuff, but you have to wonder how much more tarnish this woman’s poor halo can take.

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  1. Larkrise Says:

    You know, I was so disappointed that I didnt sense the deceit in John Edwards. Usually, I can spot a fake. But, I liked his message; and ignored the $400 haircut. That should have been a clue. Vain. A man who would cheat on his wife, who has terminal cancer, is not someone I would trust on much of anything. That is the lowest of the low, considering how Elizabeth Edwards has been his helpmate over the years. But,l think I have it spot on with Sarah Palin. She is a fake, a phony and just as crooked as the people she has claimed to boot out of government in Alaska for being corrupt. She isnt a reformer, she is an opportunist personified.She would sell her granny down the river for a bent nickel. She is all about Sarah and little else. If she can cut a corner, stab a back, tell a lie, she will do it in an instant, and never regret it. She is a type, all superficial, cutesy charm, and greed and a sense of entitlement underneath. The woman is a piece of work. How many of these types have you known? And how much damage have they done?

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