Just in case you’ve always worshiped John McCain

If you entertain even a shadow of a doubt that the real John McCain is someone very different from his media image, be sure to read this (very long) article in Rolling Stone, via TPM.

It’s ugly; really ugly.

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  1. Larkrise Says:

    On Chris Matthew’s Hardball some Talking Head accused Obama of having said McCain was “unhinged”. Chris doubted Obama had said that and stated he would have his researchers check to see if that were true. I don’t know if Obama said it or not; and I don’t care, even if it isnt prudent to have said it. It happens to be the truth. John McCain is coming unhinged. He hasnt been wrapped to tight since his imprisonment in Vietnam, and the stress of this campaign is unraveling whatever sense the man once had. I have stated he is a ticking time bomb of PTSD; and I stand by it. Also, if the stress of the campaign doesnt cause a recurrence of his melanoma, he will be very lucky. And, here he has stuck the country with an unqualified, nasty-mouthed , female bully, who suffers from the Big Head, as his running mate.

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