Episode 47: I Can Still Remember Freedom, Part 3

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3 Responses to “Episode 47: I Can Still Remember Freedom, Part 3”

  1. juliinjax Says:

    Dear Steven,
    Thank you again for voicing our fears and hopes. Beautifully done. And I love the website format–great fun to throw virtual darts at Tom Delay!!.
    Now my question to you and your readers is: How can we make the masses care about freedom before it’s gone? Some easy and fun ways are the guerilla tactics of the Freeway Blogger–it may be time to re-introduce the BUSH KNEW signs and bumper stickers (post-it-notes are an easy alternative). Instead of a sun screen for the windshield of my car, I use a piece of cardboard with my latest rant about the GOP (Greedy One Percent). This has made me a target of anonymous threatening notes on my car at work, but that only makes me come up with a newer sign.
    In all events, thank you for the inspiration, and for letting me drop by the Cafe’ whenever I feel like it. See you soon.

  2. Wye Knot Says:

    This is a great story, one of the very few things that gives me some hope. I’d love to share it with others. Is it cool to print it for those without Net access?

    [Steve: Yep.]

  3. LadyMorgain Says:

    I don’t think anything I’ve read in years has touched me the way this story did. I sat with tears in my eyes when finished reading. My daughter walked into the room and saw me, and said..Mom are you okay, what is wrong. I told her that I was afraid that I had just seen her future. I asked her to sit down and read your story, and being 17 she asked me “what for”? But she did. She has strong political feelings herself, and was raised my staunch Dems, so she knows the state of our world under King George.
    After reading, she just looked at me, and said..”Mom, what can we do”, this can’t happen”!!!!!
    Steven, what can we do. Can we start with small groups, can we have house gatherings…WHAT CAN WE DO TO STOP THIS??? Because, if GWB has his way, this very easily could happen. Just don’t know.

    – reply from Steve: Thanks.  You raise an important question that I will try to answer in the days ahead.

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