Judging Ann Coulter by her own standards

As most of you know, Ann Coulter is in a wee bit of legal trouble over what appears to have been illegal voting.  It seems she voted in the wrong precinct, with the evidence giving rise to a fair inference that she did so knowingly.  Here’s an early Palm Beach Post story, via Atrios:

A Palm Beach poll worker says he tried to help GOP-loving pundit Ann Coulter vote in the right precinct last week. But, Jim Whited says, Coulter dashed out of the polling place when he told her she needed to file a change of address.

“I even ran out after her,” he says. “But she was fast.”

Later, elections records show, Coulter cast her ballot 2 miles up the road — in the wrong precinct.

Whited, a former candidate for WPB mayor, was posted at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Feb. 7 as a $185-a-day precinct adviser, records confirm.

“Ms. Coulter came to me, and the address we had for her in the computer didn’t match the address I know she lives at,” Whited says.

He says he remembered a Page Two story in April about Coulter, 44, buying a $1.8 million home on Seabreeze Avenue. Yet county elections records show Coulter gave an address in June at the northern tip of the island, on Indian Road, when she registered. Turns out the addresses are in different precincts.

Apparently, whenever questioned about this during her spring college speaking tour, Coulter has simply dismissed the whole affair by falsely claiming she didn’t even live in the area.  But it appears the matter isn’t going to die quite that easily.  According to a new article in the Palm Beach Post, the election supervisor is hot on her trail:

Palm Beach County’s elections supervisor has given the right wing’s unofficial mouthpiece 30 days to explain why she voted in the wrong precinct.

In a registered letter scheduled to be sent to her this week, Coulter is asked to “clarify certain information as to her legal residence,” elections boss Arthur Anderson said.

“We want to give her a chance,” Anderson said. “She needs to tell us where she really lives.”

Or else? He could refer the case to State Attorney Barry Krischer for criminal charges, Anderson said.

So let’s take a moment to consider what Ann’s response will be.  There’s no question that she voted illegally.  The only defense that appears to be open to her is to try to argue that she made an honest mistake (though from the available facts this sounds like a hard sell). 

The only problem is that in order to make such a claim, Coulter will have to admit that she’s a feeble-minded jackass. 

Hey, don’t look at me Ann.  You’re the one who set the bar.

This takes us back to November, 2000, in the early stages of the post election controversy.  As you’ll, of course, recall, because of a poorly designed “butterfly ballot,” a number of voters, mostly elderly, who clearly intended to vote for Gore, ended up having their votes counted for Pat Buchanan, instead.  Here’s how Ann Coulter described these voters in her Nov. 10. 2000 column:

I love these jackasses claiming they meant to vote for Gore but — whoops! — slipped and pulled the lever for Buchanan instead! Oh really. Let’s pretend that’s true. Sorry, but that’s one of the disabilities of being a political party that preys on the stupid. Sometimes your “base” forgets it’s Election Day, too. Live by demagoguing to the feeble-minded, die by demagoguing to the feeble-minded.

So, the obvious question becomes, Ann, if these good Americans, who were trying to do their patriotic duty by voting, but who were mislead by an undeniably confusing ballot, were “jackasses” and “feeble-minded,” then what does that make you? 

At least they found their way to the right polling station.  And at least they didn’t “forget” where they lived. 

Actually, as I think about it, Ann, feeble-minded jackass probably lets you off too easily.  Two-bit criminal, is really more to the point.

*   *   *

Post note: As I was writing this, it occurred to me that comparing Coulter’s 2000 words with her conduct today was unlikely to be original with me.  A subsequent web search confirmed this, demonstrating that Wonkette, among others, has previously made essentially the same point.  Still, it seemed worth telling again.  

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5 Responses to “Judging Ann Coulter by her own standards”

  1. Alamaine Says:

    It’s not unusual for various political figures to have one residence and another voting address. This was GHW Bush’s ploy, commuting from Kennebunkport to Houston to vote every two or four years.

    Ann’s standard is not being tripped up or caught — like most highly placed Republicans — in her misdeeds. The only thing that has NOT been done is an in-depth investigation of her various nefarious activities. She is not alone in this respect as many, too many reporters and broadcast journalism content providers are eager to dig and dish the dirt on others while not revealing themselves in all of their unadorned glorifications. The likes of O’Really O’Reilly have been snared on occasion but not to the point of offending the perpetually forgiving Religious “Right.”

    But, Ann, like others, will get a pass. She’s too popular with notable factions to be remotely concerned about being called into account. I believe her claim to fame came about on the Geraldo show of the late 1990ies when Bill Jeff Blythe IV Clinton was being essentially lynched for not having cast his wanton eye in Ann’s (and others’) direction. (Is “green” their favourite envious colour? Besides the moolah they get paid to perform for their patrons?) However, Geraldo was more than compliant with having his bevvy of beauties on his show with whom he could converse and rehearse. And more than one pass!

  2. max wedge Says:

    Actually Ann Coulter has 2 residence’s
    #1 Up George W. Bush’s Butt
    #2 Up Sean Hannity’s Butt (Summer Residence)

  3. Larkrise Says:

    Ann Coulter will do anything to get publicity. She has found a schtick and she is sticking to it. Her tools in trade are lies, exaggerations, hate-mongering, and manipulation of the facts. Generally speaking, she dispenses with facts. If they dont fit her agenda, she makes up her own. Her real agenda is to be rich and famous. There are plenty of fools out there who are willing to aid and abet her this desire, and she knows it. She will use this minor scofflaw to her advantage. Bad breath is better than no breath at all. The one thing she does fear is being ignored and forgotten. Rush Limbaugh, Paul O’Reilly, Sean Hannity,Ann Coulter : Put them in a bag and shake them up, you wouldnt know who fell out first. They arent Talking Heads, they are annoying headaches. Taking them seriously is a sign of dementia. When Ann gets old and botoxed beyond recognition, she will be replaced by the next loud-mouthed floozie.

  4. hari seldon Says:

    The first famous resident of Palm Beach was Al Capone. The only crime he was ever convicted of was income tax evasion and the poor guy ended up dying in prison because those vindictive government gremlins have no mercy.

    Rush Limbaugh now lives in Palm Beach and is under investigation for “doctor shopping.” That’s a polite way of saying that ole’ Rush committed the sin of gluttony by devouring a few hundred oxycontin pills a month.

    Now we’ve got Ann who committed election fraud which is a felony in Florida. My guess is that, like Rush’s case, this one will go on forever with no resolution. I suppose the biggest jeapordy she’s in is that some dog wil spot her walking on the beach, mistake her for a bone, gnaw on her for a while, and bury her in the sand for a late night snack.

  5. jp916 Says:

    Ann Coulter is far from being a “political figure”. She is nothing but a maggot, a Repuglican shrill. I agree that she will get away with it but please don’t call her a “political figure”.

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