What Frank Rich says

There’s no “moving forward” until we deal with the crimes of the Bush era.

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  1. Larkrise Says:

    I feel like a broken record and a voice crying in the wilderness, but we absolutley MUST deal with the crimes of the Bush era. Our national integrity will NOT be magically restored by simply putting the Democrats in power. Obama is in a Honeymoon Period. I understand his desire to avoid partisan splits over the Bush Administration’s crimes, and crimes there have been aplenty. However, at some point, the Honeymoon will be over. It will be a matter of showing who is strong and stalwart, who demands ethics and justice. If Obama looks weak, the Republicans will mow him down like grass in the spring. Abroad, the same thing will happen. I keep hoping the Hague will step in, some international group. But, as John Dean said on MSNBC, that will make us look even worse. We should deal with this ourselves. Few of the current crop of Republicans in Congress are going to care about the good of the country. They care only about the Almighty Dollar-THEIRS. Their ideology has become so toxic and reactionary, that it is going to take years and several good drubbings to wake them up. And, in some states, like Oklahoma, it will never happen. Obama didnt get his bullet-proof majority in the Senate. He has to play politics or face getting little done. Still, he cannot ignore the fact that a criminal enterprise ran this country for 8 long, dreadful years. We have to keep complaining, reminding and praising those who may be able to get his attention . Three Cheers for Frank Rich!!!

  2. Chuck Says:

    At the moment it doesn’t look like Obama is going after any of them soon.

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