Episode 33: High Noon for the Religious Right

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2 Responses to “Episode 33: High Noon for the Religious Right”

  1. iowametal76 Says:

    Horace just might be onto something here… I’ve been reassuring myself since 2000 that eventually, if given (or if there take) enough rope, Bush and the GOP would hang themselves and be destroyed by their own hubris, and indeed, awaken a “sleeping giant” amongst the voting public. It’s the one thread of hope I cling to…
    The “coming into the light” analogy is an apt one. I was thinking this the other day (albeit in different terms), that the same is true with Karl Rove. All of his professional political life, he’s been the Shadow Man, pulling the strings, working behind the curtain. Even as late as 2003, 2004, I remember wearing my “Hot Karl” t-shirt from whitehouse.org, and numerous people - all of them well informed, well educated, etc - asking who Karl Rove was. And “he’s the Shadow Man” is pretty much how I would answer. This past week, as he furthered his quest to break the world’s record for number of Grand Jury testimonies, and as Patrick Fitzgerald’s hounds nipped ever closer at his heals, I couldn’t help but wonder how things would have gone down had he remained in the shadows. As his power has grown and as the power of those he serves has grown, so has his recognition and prominance in the public eye. He’s come out of the shadows and into the light. And it’s going to be his undoing.

    Horace brought up Darwin and evolutionary theory twice. Very interesting… It’s rather ironic, don’t you think, that if what Horace described does in fact precipitate the neocon Christian Right’s downfall, it will be because they failed to learn - they failed to evolve. Ironic that people so committed to discrediting the theory of evolution would meet their demise solely on the basis of failing to adapt and evolve.

  2. alwayshope Says:

    That’s really good!
    Ironic comes up a lot lately, doesn’t it?
    What mind-boggling times we live in.
    I love this little oasis of sanity.

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