Bush at the Wheel, Not Public

Bush’s latest poll numbers show him dipping a few more points, this time to a 33% approval rating in the AP-Ipsos poll. Apparently, now his base is turning on him…

Angry conservatives are driving the approval ratings of President Bush and the GOP-led Congress to dismal new lows, according to an AP-Ipsos poll that underscores why Republicans fear an Election Day massacre.

The article is titled “Conservatives Drive Bush’s Approval Down,” but the AP headline writer misses the point. Public opinion is indeed expressed in these polls — be they a good sampling — but the public isn’t driving Bush’s bad ratings. The ratings would be splendid if Bush “drove” the government’s bus safely, efficiently and without running over thousands of people and splashing mud on hundreds of thousands more.

If I were to take this metaphor a step further, one might look at that 33% approval as the 1/3 of the passengers sitting in the back of the Greyhound, stoned out of their gourd on some really super stuff from their friend “Arensee*,” because that’s the only way anyone could not see that Bush is driving this bus to its death.

The problem is, as soon as he’s destroyed the transmission and covered the front bumper in blood, he’s going to call his daddy, who will happily send over a limo and whisk dim Georgie to a safe, upscale residence in Maine where he can wile away the days dreaming about how much fun he had driving that big ol’ bus.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are left trying to figure out if we can repair the bus or if we should abandon it and start hitchhiking. The stoned 1/3 comes down from their high and realizes what a mess we’re in about the time that it’s being hitched to a tow truck to be hauled to the dump.

Where’s Keanu Reeves when you need him?

- Greg

*RNC :)

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4 Responses to “Bush at the Wheel, Not Public”

  1. Again Says:

    dim Georgie to a safe, upscale residence in Maine where he can wile away the days dreaming about how much fun he had driving that big ol’ bus.

    me worry? Luv killing with a joystick - miss the death penalties!!

    (btw: just wonder, if he would like to experience death at first hand with the same passion - or if he would cry like the pampered 5-year-old with the joystick needing Daddy to fix his whole life - proving that weakness without any skills doesn’t have to stop your career - you even can become president: Powered by Daddy)

  2. alwayshope Says:

    Who are those 33% ?
    What is wrong with them?
    When I heard them applaud Rummy during the Ray McGovern vs Rumscull
    thing, I could only blink. I do that a lot anymore. I read about the Iraqi militia death squads, watch the new soldiers tear off their uniforms and hear bush talk about turning points and freedom and I blink. Every time I listen to bush speak I blink in disbelief. When he says Nukular, I blink repeatedly.
    Tim Russert causes it too, and Frist. Come to think of it, I’m going to change my nick.


  3. FreeDem Says:

    How come Liberals sre so slow at picking up the ideal line. It would have taken the wingers a few minutes at most if the shoes were somehow reversed (I know that saw gets ore unimaginable daily). But he is not the driver of a bus.

    Bush is the inverse of the Bounty, It is the Crazed one who has commandeered the ship of state. And what has he done with the America Ship Of State?

    He has DRIVEN IT INTO IRAQ (a Rock, by most pronounciations these days)

    Am I the only one who has picked up on this???

  4. Wye Knot Says:


    I think it’s like paid mourners. They must PAY people to applaud that stupidity.

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