Episode 36.1: Speaking the Forbidden Word: Impeachment

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  1. alwayshope Says:

    I don’t know where I read this, it may have been right here, but someone wrote,
    “Irony is dead. It died from overuse.”
    I mean, really. 9/11, the worst day for most of us was the day that gave Bush awesome power….the day he failed to protect us gave him all the power he needed to rape our country and betray us.
    Yes, irony just doesn’t mean much in the face of sooo many lies and deceits and Orwellian jibberish. We and the Democrat Party do have things we can talk about, but those things, once spoken aloud will REQUIRE action.
    Things like the wounded, the limbless, the sightless, the horrors our veterans carry in their minds. their wives back home standing in line at the food pantry. Things like possibilities, Like how we could have spent our money to help Darfur and Katrina victims and shored up Social Security and gave the citizens of this great country healthcare. Let’s talk about waste.
    We torture people and we accept liars as leaders. Our president lies everyday to us, everyday.
    We should talk about that. They want to use words like “Patriot” act, “Clear” skies, “Death” tax, “War” on “Terror”. Words that are simplistic and deceptive and useful to manipulate. Why don’t we use powerful words when we talk. Words like waste and liar and failure. Bush failed to protect us on 9/11, failed after Katrina, failed to provide armor for our troops, failed to ensure our liberties, failed to give us heath care. Why not talk about failure?
    But these aren’t nice words, no, we mustn’t be negative. That will turn people off. Bull, nothing, nothing could be more negative than what was done to Max Cleland. But we can be positve too.
    I’ve heard good ideas and most of them did not come from politicians but there are solutions and if we starting acting like a homeFRONT instead of a homeland we can resolve these issues.
    Our so-called representatives, our damn congress has utterly quit functioning as it was intended and now only exists to feather it’s members nests. How can we believe in democracy and give our children in its defense when the people whose duty it is to defend our Constitution are shredding it instead?
    We need a strong leader who isn’t afraid to say the truth. We need Al Gore,
    not Hillary.
    I guess my question to Horace is going to be, “Just who is going to take action?”
    I live in Indiana. When I write my senator, I begin wtih
    “Dear Senator Bayh-partisan”. He gets elected by republicans, I’ve never voted for him, though I always promise him I will as soon as he gets a spine.

    I’m looking forward to part 2, I think Impeachment is the only way we can show the world that we aren’t the greedy, foolish asses that we appear to be.
    And I just like to see that word in the same sentence with bush.

    I guess I don’t know what to do other than talk. I’ll be happy to fill up my torch and sharpen my pitchfork if someone just tells me when….I know where.

  2. Again Says:


    clap, clap, clap! (without any irony ;-) )

    just one addition to “Irony is dead. It died from overuse.”

    when irony is dead, gallows humor spreads…

  3. iowametal76 Says:

    My pitchfork has been sharp for 5 years and my torch sitting by the front door, ready to go. I just need to put a suit and tie on the effigy I made, and I’m all set.

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