More For The Rich, Everyone Else Gets the Finger

Other than cutting taxes, is there anything Bush and his fans can claim as having done successfully? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for non-stop taxes. But, cutting taxes is only a good thing if it’s done in conjunction with reducing government waste (e.g., a defense budget larger than the rest of the world’s defense budgets combined). These jerks cut taxes and then cut programs for the needy or cut nothing at all, letting the government run up the largest deficits ever, greater than all the deficits accumulated by presidents from 1789 to 2000.

So, it doesn’t surprise me that the Republicans are once again trying to make permanent their deficit-creating, job-market stagnating, economy destroying, only for the richest of the rich, screw everyone else because they don’t contribute large sums of cash and hookers to our GOP campaigns tax cuts:

Congressional Republican leaders on Wednesday anticipated victory in their drawn-out efforts to preserve President Bush’s tax cuts worth $70 billion to investors and to keep 15 million taxpayers from being hit by the alternative minimum tax.

Here’s the only thing we can do, which the AFL-CIO helps us do:

This vote is happening in the House today. Please call your representative right now and tell him or her to vote against the tax reconciliation bill.

Call Your U.S. Representative Now–It’s a Toll-Free Call 800-459-1887

Who doesn’t want more money in their pocket? But, who wants more money in their pocket if it comes out of the pockets of some poor octogenarians, hungry kids, disabled veterans, or your as-yet-to-be-conceived children?

- Greg

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4 Responses to “More For The Rich, Everyone Else Gets the Finger”

  1. RogerARTcom Says:

    We Called…


    sent em 2…. 4 the Get Real Site…

  2. iowametal76 Says:

    Who cares about poor people and diable veterans? They probably haven’t even accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. If they had, they wouldn’t be poor, and they would’ve made it through their tours of duty unscathed. Of course, if they’d been smart enough to have fathers wealthy enough to have the necessary connections to get them out of active duty in the first place…

  3. iowametal76 Says:

    That should read “Disabled” not “diable.” Everybody is diable (aside from the fact that it’s not a word…).

  4. Again Says:


    Who cares about poor people and diable veterans?

    i thought that, too - and maybe the fish had started to stink from the head, but now it stinks everywhere

    common people, like me and you, don’t care anymore about other humans, they just want to “live here and now, ’cause you can’t do anything to change the world” or just want to “say, that the others are much worse, so why bother”

    no one cares about anything today outside of their bubble, not about other humans, not about environment, not about future - que sera, sera - like animals, as if brain would not allow us to understand why it’s so important to care about the network of humankind, to care about environment, to care about future

    family values? Bad joke, when you willingly destroy the life of your own children

    Intelligent Design? Who needs a designer, when there is no proof of intelligence in our species - because intelligence is the conquest of the future. Not caring about future simply is - per definitionem - not intelligent…

    thinking about actions? in a time when a “revolutionary act” is just to tell the truth (George Orwell) - then maybe to think and act in a responsible way is a “revolutionary act” as well

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