Episode 3: Maggie

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4 Responses to “Episode 3: Maggie”

  1. askalice Says:

    This is lovely. I TRY to refuse to hate, but sometimes find myself feeling hatred…I’m working on it, though.

  2. camelsback Says:

    I also try not to hate, but all this fear makes me angry. Darts, anyone?

  3. Wye Knot Says:

    I think there is no question that we could never compete with them in a hate-a-thon, but I think we could sure muster enough anger. Let’s all pay hommage to Howard Beal and his creator, Paddy Chayevsky… “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

  4. alwayshope Says:

    Yes! We’ve got to hold on to our beliefs or risk becoming like them, lost in a world of deceit, hatred and greed. Theirs is a world of fear so intense that they lash out at anything that moves. The furious woman in me wants to hate them, but then I think of Ann Coulter and I’d rather be shot in the face than be like her.
    Psychiatrists say that what you hate in others is often what you hate most about yourself. Just maybe they don’t need us to hate them, they already hate themselves so much that they only feel better when causing pain to others. I think most Americans thought Bill Clinton could “feel their pain”,
    but these guys don’t have that capacity. Their words have become empty, meaningless, devoid of reality and you wonder if they even believe what they say or if they are just repeating their propaganda to maintain their grip on fantasy. Perhaps this hate is just a way to hide their own failings and moral decay. Yeah, that’s not for me. The more you examine hate and fear, the more you crave love and freedom.

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