Wingers in search of a gig

Near the end of the movie Bull Durham, the Annie Savoy character says in narration, “Baseball may be a religion full of magic, cosmic truth, and the fundamental ontological riddles of our time, but it’s also a job.” 

You can say something similar about today’s professional right wing nuts: While a deep love for far right causes is probably what led most of them into the field of conservative advocacy, now that they’ve arrived it’s also how they put bread (often a lot of bread) on the table. 

And doing so can’t be as easy as it once was.  I mean, man, those must have been the days back in the 90s: Just say (or better yet sneer) the name Bill Clinton a few times, and then watch the bucks roll in.

But with Bill long gone, Hillary’s upcoming campaign, while certainly full of potential for exploitation, still largely just a twinkle in the right wing money machine’s eye and George W. Bush and the GOP Congress less and less popular even among the social conservative base, creativity is called for.  Thus, the never ending scavenger hunts for red meat to keep the true believers fed (and the money flowing free).

A case in point is the new “campaign,” being run by a shadowy outfit named Move America Forward, asking Congress to censure former President Jimmy Carter.  They’ve actually been running ads on CNN (you can see one at Crooks and Liars here). 

If you’re interested in more, they’ve set out the full so-called basis for this unlikely crusade on their surprisingly amateurish website; in a nutshell, they’re accusing the former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner of being a traitor.

To state the obvious, this is slanderous, outrageous and contemptible, but mostly it’s just pathetic.  There’s about as much chance of Congress adopting a resolution censuring Jimmy Carter as there is of George W. Bush displacing Abraham Lincoln as the consensus pick for the greatest president in American history. 

The Republicans in Congress won’t touch a Carter censure resolution with a ten foot pole, and wisely so.

But, of course, actually censuring Carter was never the point anyway.

I mean, let’s be fair, Bill O’Reilly already has the whole war on Christmas thing all sewn up.  And these guys have to make a living somehow too. 

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One Response to “Wingers in search of a gig”

  1. MikeH Says:

    Unfortunately, Move America Forward is now in a partnership with one of the classical music stations in my area, KFSD in Escondido, California (near San Diego), which I listen to quite a bit.

    I have lately been hearing spots on the station about how the station is (supposedly) proud to be teaming up with the so-called grass roots pro-troop organization, and proud to be part of their radio network.

    The spots talk about “supporting our troops”, blah blah blah, wanting to remind us that the troops did not die in vain (protecting shrub and the neocons from criticism by hiding behind the troops), and how proud they are of the troops bringing peace and democracy to the Middle East for generations to come (!) It is sickening how these rabidly right-wing, pro-shrub organizations make it sound like opposing shrub and the war are unpatriotic and disrespectful of the troops.

    The station is having a radiothon of the organization this Saturday.

    I hate having a beloved radio station, which I listen to for its classical music, being in league with a sleazy, phony patriotic, phony “pro-troop” organization like Move America Forward (with a phony positive sounding name).

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