The daily doom, part XI

To repeat myself, yet again: Does a day ever go by anymore without another terrifying revelation about global warming?

Australian study says global warming speeding up

Canberra, May 24: Global warming could be happening faster than scientists had previously thought and weather extremes such as heatwaves could become common, an Australian government report said on Tuesday.

The report by the Environment Department said there was a greater risk that global warming could now exceed previous predictions of a 1.4 to 5.8 degrees Celsius rise in temperatures by the year 2100.

“The impacts of a changing climate are beginning to emerge,” said the report, titled Stronger Evidence But New Challenges: Climate Change Science 2001-2005, adding that evidence of warming was becoming easier to observe.

“High temperature extremes, such as the August 2003 heatwave in central Europe that had severe impacts on human health, are becoming more common.”

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3 Responses to “The daily doom, part XI”

  1. Again Says:

    had severe impacts on human health, are becoming more common

    the main thing is, the profit records of 2005 have to be topped! Who cares about some poor nations far away, when you can grab some more cents here…

    We call it life

    regarding that clever statement:
    “We will not do anything that harms our economy, because first things first are the people who live in America,” Mr. Bush said.

    …seems as if the interesting “people who live in America” are not burdened with the problem of human health…

  2. Again Says:

    World to be even hotter by century’s end (The report is scheduled for publication in the May 26 issue of Geophysical Research Letters.)

    The result, Harte and Torn conclude in their paper, is “that the upper value of warming that is projected for the end of the 21st century, 5.8ºC [10.4ºF], could be increased to 7.7ºC [13.9ºF], or nearly 2ºC additional warming.”

    to repeat: to 7.7ºC [13.9ºF]

  3. Again Says:

    oooops, sorry:
    World to be even hotter by century’s end

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