Just a little murder in Iraq

So it’s just a little murder in Iraq.

But do me a favor: Please — no anguished expressions of shock; no wailing over how unbelievable it is that this could have happened, that Americans could ever have done such things.   

Of course, it happened.

Of course, we did it

It always happens.

We always do it.

So does everyone else.

Massacring of civilians travels with war as inevitably as suffering travels with disease; suggesting you can have one without the other is childish or worse.

And, no, not all, or even most, soldiers do it or should in any way be touched by its blame, but in all protracted wars at least a few do.

They always have.

They always will.

That’s war.

And, yes, the soldiers involved should pay for their crimes. 

But what about the crimes of those who sent these soldiers into this hell of a war based upon a devil’s brew of lies and incompetence?  What about the people who made the inevitable — inevitable?   

Will they ever pay a price?

Or is justice, much like the dying of war itself, something largely reserved for the powerless?

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  1. Larry the Red Says:

    I doubt that they personally wil ever pay a price. They won’t get impeached or fired. There will be no war crimes trials. I see no evidence that they are even bothered, much less conscience-sticken, by what they have wrought. History’s verdict of their acts, judgments and even characters will undoubtedly be quite harsh, but these people don’t even care abut that, or maybe they do, and they’re sure they will be vindicated! Actually, as wrongheaded, even delusional as they’ve been about everything associated with this war, that’s likely true.

  2. Again Says:

    They won’t get impeached or fired….I see no evidence that they are even bothered, much less conscience-sticken, by what they have wrought.

    but it’s not only about war - it’s also about the whole future.

    but these people don’t even care about that

    they don’t care about nothing but themselves - they are really too stupid to understand, that in a universe of conservation of energy and momentum no action fades away without consequences - they saw the wind without considering the storm

    Fiddling while the earth burns
    Only in politics can otherwise intelligent people willfully refuse to acknowledge the contradiction between their fears about global warming and their willingness to go to the barricades to defend the rights of voters to fill up their SUVs with cheap gasoline.

    only politics can kill intelligence…

  3. RJHall Says:

    Our government being held accountable for murder? Why, that would be as cognitively dissonant as Prexy ordering a (male, heterosexual) 29-percenter, “Drop down and do a Jeff Gannon on my Noble Cause”!

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