Announcing the winners of The Bush-Truth Game!!

Winston here, announcing the winners of The Last Chance Democracy Café’s fabulous Bush-Truth Game. 

First, let’s remind everyone of the rules of the contest as originally posted,

If you believe you can cite to an instance in which Bush, speaking on a topic of some public importance, actually told the complete truth, without any aspect of prevarication, post it in the comments.  The first example posted that has not been disproved by another reader posting a responsive comment (I’m counting on you team) within 72 hours, will be the winner.  The contest will remain open for one week.

In a later update, a second prize category was added,

In addition to the original, first in line prize, we proudly add a second award for, “The Cleverest post.”  The criteria for the award are entirely arbitrary and no appeal will be allowed from the judge’s decision.  It will be announced at the same time as the award for the original prize, one week from today.

So — drum roll, please — the winner of the Bush-Truth First in Line Prize is . . .

Larry the Red, whose (first in the box) winning entry reads as follows:

“. . . when Shrub said that he could not think of a single mistake he has made in office, I have no doubt that he was telling the absolute truth.”

The award for the Bush–Truth Cleverest Post Prize was very difficult to judge because many clever entries were received, but without further ado, the winner is . . .

alwayshope, whose winning entry reads,

I like “Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?”
I’ve never been asked that question.

(Although the contest rules provide for virtual T-shirts to be awarded to the winners (ha, ha), if at a later date we start selling real T-shirts, if the winners will write to remind me, I’ll be happy to send each of you a free one on me!)

All entries may be read here. It’s well worth the look.  Thanks to all who participated.


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  1. RJHall Says:

    Too bad I didn’t remember this until after the contest expired, but for what it’s worth here’s what I would have contributed:

    Repeatedly during the 2004 election, Prexy said that whether you agreed or disagreed with him, at least you knew where he stood. All too well, George, all too well….

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