What’s your favorite Bush moment?

It’s been all over the web, so everyone’s probably seen it by now: But because it would be a sin for anyone to miss it, here’s the link to Letterman’s “Top Ten George W. Bush Videotape Moments.”

Now, what’s your favorite George W. Bush moment? And you’re definitely not limited to the Letterman list.

36 Responses to “What’s your favorite Bush moment?”

  1. skittrell Says:

    My all time favorite, I think, is right at first…about the ‘Fool me once” gibberish….”fool me once” with a strange , lost look on his face..that he
    could not even fake” fool me once..shame on….you…you fool me ….
    can’t get fooled again.”…completely lost!
    The saying goes.,”Fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice shame on
    me!”… He was totally crying out for help….but, it just endeared him to the
    loony rightwing….didn’t they even get a clue then?

  2. webcruiser Says:

    My favorite moment is in the future. As he is found guilty of treason and crimes against humanity and tries to pardon himself in court after the verdict.

  3. Sir Loin of Beef Says:

    How about when he masturbated in a coffin surrounded by a couple-dozen fellow Skull-and-Bonesmen at Yale? That’s gotta be a keeper.

    Of course, we have to admit that John Kerry, by implication, had the same experience. Vote for the poor and relatively normal!

  4. greenback Says:

    Way back in January, 2000 when he was sworn in as Supreme Court appointed president. I suspect that when he swore an oathe to uphold the Constitution of the USA it was the pinnacle of all his hypocracy and the crimes against the nation he’s exemplified and committed over the last 5 1/2 years. Sort of like it’s been all down hill from then.

  5. spherehead Says:

    My favorite moment hasn’t happened yet.
    It will happen one day, hopefully sooner rather than later.

    And that moment will be when that evil, pathetic excuse of a man takes his last breath!

  6. GOPHater Says:

    My favorite moment will also be in the future, when he is hanged for treason and crimes against man and nature. When his kind is wiped off the face of the earth. Then, and only then, I’ll know that God really does exist.

  7. balleryna2 Says:

    Choking on a Pretzel. There’s absolutely no way you can bust your lip, get a black eye, bruise your cheek, from falling on a carpeted floor? I truly believe that Condi gave him a left hook while watching a football game. While Bush was drunk out of his mind, he accidently told her too much, and WHAM-O. She belted him one he would never forget.

  8. Maveline Says:

    My favorite moment was Bush being presented with a live thanksgiving turkey, which promptly pecked him in the crotch.

  9. Chuck Says:

    sherehead & GOPHater:

    Aren’t you treating him too fairly? Wouldn’t it be better to watch him die a verrry loong, verrry exruciating death. And AWARE OF EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

  10. Chuck Says:

    Never mind that last comment, that would be torture, and our government doesn’t believe in that.

  11. dewey Says:

    Bush on Sovereignty - video ink here>>(http://www.devilducky.com/media/18356/)
    No doubt, my favorite moment watching this enept, heatless, coke-head neaderthal is when confronted by a simple question of sovereignty.

  12. username Says:

    being arrested for drunk driving, being arrested for being drunk in public, getting a score of 25 on his air force exam, going AWOL instead of getting tested for drugs,getting his girlfriend an abortion, sitting on his ass like a scared child on sep 11th, invading a country for WMDS that don’t exist (even though he said he would do it even if they didn’t)

    saying he doen’t care about finding BIN LADEN, or that he doesn’t give him much thought, appointing miers, appointing BROWN to FEMA, giving the PEOPLE most responsible for 911, medals of honor, bankrupting AMERICA, not being able to name 1 thing he has done wrong

    thats just a few of MY FAVORITE BUSH MOMENTS

  13. capucha Says:

    My favorite Bush moment is when he made the comment to a French audience, “The trouble with the French is that they don’t have a word for entrepreneur.” The guy is so dumb that he didn’t realize that the word itself is French!

  14. StealthBadger.net » Blog Archive » Favorite Bush Moment Says:

    […] Found at Froomkin’s blog (via FDL through the Last Chance Democracy Cafe via Buzzflash), there is a YouTube copy of the Letterman “top ten Bush moments” video. Unfortunately YouTube isn’t playing nice with the other children at the moment, so I haven’t seen it. […]

  15. Sir Loin of Beef Says:

    OK, my previously listed “favorite moment” has just been pre-empted by current events!

    Bush’s unsolicited neck-rub of German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday at the G8 conferrence - followed by the stat-frau’s shocked ju-jitsu disengagement from our masher-in-chief - is a classic.

    Its also, incredibly, getting some air-play in the MSM! At least Clinton kept this stuff off the cameras.

  16. nickdanger3rdeye Says:

    Yesterday when he said that he was vetoing stem-cell research because murder is wrong! And dropping white phospherous on babies is ok!!! hmmmmm..yet another hypocratic moment by the Greedy Oppulent Pricks!!

  17. Sue B. Says:

    My personal favorit and the most telling about him I think is, when interviewed by Diane Sawyer and asked about the apparent lack of WMD, Bush snottily replied “What difference does it make?”

    Another is his “I hit the Trifecta” remark about 9/11 and another one that tells us all we need to know about these criminals is Bush saying “See, in my line of work, you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda”.

    And finally, who can forget his proclaiming that “it’s just a goddamned piece of paper!” about our battered Constitution!!! Sigh…………………there are just too many to list…such a dangerous moron.

  18. ChrisDutch Says:

    My favorite is tumbling off of the Segway…..third guy out of the Volkswagen bus at the circus, for sure!!!!!

  19. nraged Says:

    …because I’m the decider. That one made me feel like I had to laugh to keep from crying.

  20. alwayshope Says:

    Letterman nailed my favorite. Dave announced “President Bush is here tonight, please welcome the “Commander in Chief”. Then they played that video of Bush trying to open those great big locked doors and then turning and facing the camera with that goofy look on his face. Letterman said “Well it looks like he’s having trouble getting in, we’ll check back later.”
    It was halarious.

    Did anyone see that picture of him at the G8 standing at the table, with a beer bottle in front of him? He really looks drunk! I saw it posted yesterday on allhatnocattle.net
    Really look at his face, I work at a tavern and a drunk always raises his eyebrows like that to look more sober.
    He really showed what a clueless brat he is at that summit.

  21. GOPHater Says:

    Chuck, you’re right. The slow thing would be much better. Anyone want to volunteer to administer the extraordinary rendition of him?

  22. pigdog Says:

    my favorite moment will also be in the future…after he, cheney, rumsfeld, wolfowitz, perle have spent years together in the same prison cell (with him playing cell-block bitch, of course) he suddenly discovers that he has a medical condition for which, thanks to stem-cell research and a president with a functioning brain, now has a cure thus lengthening his stay in prison …. indefinitely… he won’t be allowed to pull a kenneth lay on us..

  23. willymack Says:

    My favorite bush moment was in a speech he made in Tampa, Fl. in July of 2004, promoting his Social Security scam. He proceeded to spout several minutes of pure gibberish-showing off his complete lack of knowlege of the subject matter or the English language. This is the bufoon we show the world as the best of the USA. What a shame. Gary Trudeau couldn’r resist publishing part of the “speech” in his Doonesbury strip. It would’ve been funny if it wasn’t true.

  24. Wye Knot Says:

    There are a lot of great moments listed already, but there is one that exemplifies his entire term and administration: “I think the best form of government is a dictatorship as long as I’m the dictator.”

  25. PigeonPoop Says:

    My Favorite moment, also, is in the future. When the throngs of ordinary citizens storm the bunker he hides in, with his wife. Drags them into the street and hangs them, by their feet, Mussolini style. I can’t wait.

  26. Chuck Says:

    Some curare for him?

  27. GOPHater Says:

    PigeonPoop, you are anything but! Hopefully, we’ll be part of that throng. Go to http://www.seconddarkages.com and sign up!

  28. skittrell Says:

    Capucha……I loved that too. There are so many sometimes, we forget them.

    Sometimes, too….you just cannot grasp the idiocy of this man…can he be
    real? But, sadly , he is!

  29. Sir Loin of Beef Says:

    To NickDanger3rdEye

    “..and I walked into a great sandstone building…Ouch!”

  30. nirak Says:

    My alltime fav moment is still to come and that is when he either gets his ass kicked back to Crawford or the day he packs his suitcase and leaves.
    I am counting the days! LOL

  31. cstrut Says:

    My has to be the time he almost chocked to death on a pretzel. I just wish the pretzel would have won that time.

  32. Change is coming Says:

    In the (Near?) future: Bush is escorted out of the WhiteHouse by US marshalls to an unmarked police car on C-Span and given one of those nifty, “Don’t bump your head asshole” noggen stuffers by the agent while he smiles stupidly all the while. In the backround Cheney is being given CPR by an EMS crew and Condi is having a meltdown into a smithering crying rage that all this is happening as she is escorted away to the zoo. Rummy leaves town in a vain attempt to sneak away but is discovered by citizens in a freeway traffic jam, dragged from his burning car and beaten to death. No one is charged.

    Concept 2: Navy SEAL’s perform a take-down on the WhiteHouse. Again C-Span is there. Bush comes out “Hooked-up” while Cheney makes the fatal mistake of reaching for a piece and thinking he could shoot his way out. Big mistake. Cheney comes out in a body bag. Again, Condi, in a nervous breakdown, is brought out in a straight jacket screaming. Rummy bites a cyanide capsule which is way worse than he thought it would be.

    Aftermath: All perps are hung on the (People’s) WhiteHouse lawn and it is shown in it’s entirety on C-Span. They remain there for three days so the image sinks in real good for the world. The message: “World, we were wrong to allow this to go on for so long. We are sorry. Here is the proof. Please try to forgive us. Freedom is back”. Oh, an 800 number is set-up so folks can call and order a commemorative DVD of the whole ordeal as a keepsake.

    In short, no, “Nixon flippin’ peace sign moments on a helicopter” for this crowd. Different crime, different time. Happy trails.

  33. ElleninBigD Says:

    The day right before he was born.

  34. GOPHater Says:

    To Change is coming, you envision a DVD that would save the world! Congrats to your description of it.

  35. jonponder Says:

    My favorite George W. Bush moment constituted my first impression of him. At the 1988 Republican Convention, where his father, the vice president, was seeking a presidential nomination, a reporter asked Bush the younger, who was 42 years old at the time, what he and his father talked about when they were in private. The future forty-second president of the United States responded with one word: “Pussy.”

  36. pollygo Says:

    There has been only ONE happy day during Bush’s entire term in office:The day Powell stood smiling with the Chinese generals
    and the flight crew was freed.My favorite Bush moment was the following morning on GMA when Rove kneecapped Powell
    for upstaging his Frankenstein president:Bush showed his infamous smirk and coldly warned China that ‘the full force of the US military would protect Taiwan.” Right there I knew we were in for it and 6 months later I knew I was right.

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