There’s ordinary expediency; then there’s McCain expediency

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  1. Larkrise Says:

    I am sorry to see John McCain further destroy the myth of John McCain. Because, it always was a myth. He was an active and overly vocal supporter of Bush in his re-election, and has been a loyal supporter of the travesty in Iraq. He seems to be going backward instead of forward. Hopefully, he will lose political ground because of it, though the polls are not showing that yet. Many people still want to see him as forthright, honest, and ethical. I see him as an opportunist, at this point. He seems to have decided to court and cater to the far-right, instead of the more moderate(though nearly extinct) branch of the Republican Party. Evidently, that is where the campaign money is. It isn’t what is good for the country, and, in the long-run, I believe it will destroy the Republican Party. Dick Lugar is headed down the same sorry road. Once moderate and sensible Republicans have embraced far-right, extremist agendas, as though those agendas were long-lost lovers. I suppose it says something about the true nature, true character of those who call themselves Republicans. They are determined to foster extremism and divisiveness as the norm in government. Their response to the facts of global warming, turning it into a political issue instead of honoring the science behind it, is but one example of their divisive and corporate-controlled fanaticism. Insane voting, like increasing toxic mercury emissions, is to be expected from this group. They are hell-bent to put the entire country in reverse gear. I wish John McCain was a better person. Sadly, he is not.

  2. askalice Says:

    I completely agree with your assessment of John McCain. I realize that he conducted himself well during his time as a prisoner during the VietNam war, but as a politician he leaves much to be desired. He is cuddling up to the wrong people & it’s sad to see him do it.

  3. alwayshope Says:

    Joh McCain is one of those people that infuriates me, like Colin Powell and Joe Lieberman. They are the ones you had some trust in, and then they betrayed us. I’ll never trust McCain again. It seems the true nature of Republicans has a lot to do with racism and elitism. They had hidden those traits successfully for a while, but when they achieved total control of all three branches of government, they weren’t afraid to show their true color.
    And you’re right about Lugar, he has become just a mouthpiece for Bush.
    His good work in destroying WMD has crumbled and he doesn’t much care anymore. It’s all war, all the time now with these nuts. It’s easy to hate what you fear and Lord help us because now they fear us. Liberals and informed citizens scare the pants off these cowards so we are in for a full frontal assault this fall. How far they will go to save their own skins is the only question. I must regretfully admit that I have little faith in the good people of my country to “not get fooled again’. If they have to start WWIII and kill a million people to stay in power, they will. I just know too many people who are sick of Bush but they are republicans and wouldn’t dream of voting any other way. Give them an excuse to stay loyal, even a lie, and they will grab on to it like a liferaft, not realizing they climbed into a handbasket instead.
    The heck with em. I don’t care if they want to live with blinders on, in constant fear. The boneheads that are still loyal to Bush are fooling only themselves.

  4. Larkrise Says:

    I read an article somewhere that stated the Repugs are planning a Big Surprise before the November elections. That is another reason I think they are behind this mess in Lebanon. It has Bushstink all over it. The Big Surprise may be an attack on Iran and/or Syria. You are so correct that these thugs are obsessed with war. They eat, drink and breathe it. It is their bread and butter. The sheeple are easily swayed and easily scared. War heightens fear and anxiety, a staple for the Repugs. It is their solution for all problems, that and giving the wealthy more tax cuts. Greed, arrogance and destruction define the Republican Party. It is true, however, that when usually well-meaning people remain silent, evil will triumph. At least here, even if we are preaching to the choir, we dont remain silent; and perhaps the ripples will spread.

  5. Again Says:


    these thugs are obsessed with war. They eat, drink and breathe it.

    but only if it is far away…

    the AWOL-going warmongers - actually, the hardest thing to understand (for me) is how a nation adoring “bravery” and superman can accept those cowardish PPs without dying of laughter about them (PP: psychopathic personalities, as Kurt Vonnegut calls them)

    “PPs are presentable, they know full well the suffering their actions may cause others, but they do not care. They cannot care because they are nuts. They have a screw loose!”

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