Maybe the Civil War really is over

Forgive me if this seems a bit trite, but regardless of how the election ultimately turns out, there is something profoundly encouraging, inspiring even, in seeing a United States Senator representing not just a Southern state, but the former capital of the Confederacy itself, paying a huge price in the polls for using a racial slur.

I’m only 51-years-old, but I can tell you that I well remember a time when that would not have been the case.

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  1. Chuck Says:

    Now listen here sonny boy, I was in that war–15 years old I think I was when it started. My cousin, close enough to be my brother, was on the other side. When all the mayhem stopped it turned out we were both still alive and went back to the farms. We became close again, though I woulda killed him if I had run accross him at the time of fighting. (Maybe not if I’d Knowed it was him.) In fact, I ended up marrying his sister. Well to get back to the what I wanted to say, it just seems like, after all my 160 years, we keep fighting the same stupid battles over and over again, just not so bloody and loud.

    (Boy, this is a lot better than writing it out in long hand or using one of those old-timey typewriters.)

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