Well now, there’s a cheery title for an article

Civil War Looms With 66 Killed in Baghdad

Thank God our Fearless Leader has a solid plan in place for dealing with sectarian conflicts in Iraq,

VARGAS: But what is the plan if the sectarian violence continues? I mean, do the U.S. troops take a larger role? Do they step in more actively to stop the violence?

BUSH: No. The troops are chasing down terrorists. They’re protecting themselves and protecting the people, and — but a major function is to train the Iraqis so they can do the work. I mean the ultimate success in Iraq — and I believe we’re going to be successful — is for the Iraqi citizens to continue to demand unity.

VARGAS: So let me make sure I understand you. No matter what happens with the level of sectarian violence, the U.S. troops will stay there?

BUSH: The U.S. troops will stay there so long as — until the Iraqis can defend themselves. I mean, my policy has not changed.

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  1. Larry the Red Says:

    Damn, this man’s bubble must be made of foot-thick steel. The way to end the insurgency is for the Iraqui people to demand unity? The only thing that unifies them is their desire to see us get out! And we now know that the same sentiment is shared by almost three quarters of the troops serving there. Unity, unity everywhee, and still we stay the course.

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