They thought they were untouchable

After all the despicable things Republicans in the House of Representatives have done in recent years, it’s sad to think it may have taken something like this to bring them down a peg or two. What was Foley thinking? Sending out sexually suggestive messages to underage House pages — by e-mail!!! Is there any mode of communication more likely to be uncovered, shared and ultimately widely disseminated?

And what were GOP congressional leaders thinking when, at best, they intentionally overlooked the problem, or, at worst, engaged in a full-blown cover-up?

Actually, there’s very little mystery to it: It’s the same pattern that keeps popping up in the similarly brazen escapades in the Jack Abramoff scandal: They thought they were untouchable. And why wouldn’t they? They had it all, absolute control over every aspect of the federal government; there was nothing on the landscape but friendly faces, always ready to clean up any unfortunate messes (this is in no way intended to impugn the integrity of the professional staff at the Justice Department or other federal investigative agencies, such as the FBI).

But that was before: Some scandals, by the nature of things, don’t clean up very easily. And this one isn’t going away until every rock is turned over and every pebble is dusted.

I can only imagine what scum we’re going to find.

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  1. lamzy Says:

    I guess when you go through life thinking “my sh-t don’t stink”
    You get the idea you can get away with most anything!!

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