A Cease Fire? In Iraq? Hmmm.

Brent Budowsky has an interesting idea I haven’t heard before: offer to broker a cease fire in Iraq.

Why don’t we champion a cease fire in Iraq, and make a major public announcement that the United States will be ready and willing to withdraw every combat troop as called for by the Baker Group, to withdraw every American soldier from every combat zone, to provide an international reconstruction program that would be carried out honestly and effectively, if the Iraqi factions reach a true national reconciliation and begin with a 60 day cease fire.

Not that I think Bush is going to do anything different, without being forced to, but it never hurts to have the ideas on the table.

- Greg

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2 Responses to “A Cease Fire? In Iraq? Hmmm.”

  1. Simon Jester Says:

    A cease fire is a great idea, but please don’t be suckered-in by what the Baker Group *appears* to be suggesting. They don’t want fewer troops in Iraq. Their ploy is based on talking about ‘combat’ troops, which are a small percentage of the people needed. Their real objective is to have more troops in Iraq, which is what W wants, too. They’re trying to confuse the public and the Congress about their real intentions, though — a permanent occupation, and a permanent empire.


  2. alwayshope Says:

    I love a cease fire but we would have to IMMEDIATELY begin reconstruction. We have electricity in the “green zone”, we are building bases and a huge embassy. Obviously we can protect construction projects when we want to. If we could just build something, anything that would improve the lives of the people there might be a glimmer of hope in that land of despair. But I don’t hear them talking about building anything except the Iraqi Army and our own military. If Americans had 3 hours of electricity a day and no water or sewage or trash removal, we would be killing each other too. Do we have the will to build or only to destroy? And what about the Iraqis? I read that upon graduation from elite military training, the Iraqi soldiers bit the heads off of frogs and passed around other small animals taking bites of raw flesh from living creatures in celebration of their accomplishment. What the hell?! What will this army we are standing up do when they take control? I see absoutely no advantage to be gained militarily. To build and rebuild and protect the essential services that make life bearable is the only action that makes sense to me.
    If we can’t get a coalition together for reconstruction of Iraq, then we should leave and take the small animals with us.

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